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  • Frosty's Avatar
    Today, 23:13
    Excellent stuff, Ted!! Your modelling work is always top notch!
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  • Frosty's Avatar
    Today, 23:12
    Guys, I think it's a lot of hocus pocus you are doing here but I find it nevertheless intriguing and the result wonderful!! :encouragement: I hope there will be some tutorial/documentation in the end so others can have a go at this. Please don't let your knowledge disappear, as has happened so often in the past!
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  • ZsoltB's Avatar
    Today, 23:07
    I have no update :pop4:
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  • Daube's Avatar
    Today, 22:54
    Are you sure it was erased ? You don't simply need to reselect the profile you had created in the past ?
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  • Daube's Avatar
    Today, 22:53
    Yep we will need a bit more details on where you bought it, to be able to advise you on how to install. As said above, Aerosoft is the only shop selling the infamous disk version of MSFS. However I don't recommend buying the disks at all, since these disk contain the very first (thus outdated) version of MSFS which will immediately need to be updated (by download) to get up to date with the current version. In the end, the amount of data to download will be almost the same as the initial install, so better buy the download version and get the current version right away.
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  • Allen's Avatar
    Today, 22:23
    The only free panel program I know of is CfgEdit but CfgEdit can't read FS2004+ .cab/.xml gauges so I have to add dummy gauges than hand edit the panel.cfg to change the dummy gauges to the .cab/.xml gauges
    1 replies | 37 view(s)
  • delta_lima's Avatar
    Today, 22:03
    New mandatory update today (1.5G) - and now my entire stick mapping/binding got erased! GRRRR Where is this file saved, so I can back up a copy for the future? thx, dl
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  • Klein's Avatar
    Today, 21:50
    Many thanks Rote :jump:
    2 replies | 679 view(s)
  • Klein's Avatar
    Today, 21:30
    Many thanks Michael :applause: Cheers Martin
    8 replies | 596 view(s)
  • keithb77's Avatar
    Today, 21:25
    Where did you buy it from? Only Aerosoft sell the disks I believe. You need to install some Microsoft app then it installs itself, slightly easier if bought from Steam. Try posting on the official forums -
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  • michaelvader's Avatar
    Today, 20:53
    Good morning friends the last time I had some issues with my FSPS (FS Panel Studio) tool to make my 2D panels. Can some one point me to a free alternative of this tool? Best regards Yours Michael Vader
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  • michaelvader's Avatar
    Today, 20:49
    Good morning friends since a certain time I search for good representation of the begian coast especially between Ostende and Zeebrügge. the original FS2004 representation is really too gereneric and patially wrong (the Zeebrügge area is just fantasy) Even the add on "Belgium 7000" or Waffleflight Belgium and Luxembourg are only aproximative. Does someone know and addon which will really be realistic - or want them to do? Perhaps in CFS 2 or cfs CFS 3 this part of the coast (may be also starting from the Dunkerque area) exists and could be adapted to FS2004?
    0 replies | 19 view(s)
  • warbirdlover's Avatar
    Today, 18:58
    Found where to download it and it won't do anything. I already have a receipt for purchase.
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  • AnthSco's Avatar
    Today, 18:06
    I've managed to recover some of the tutorials from the defunct Simmer's Paint Shop. If anyone wants them I would be happy to upload them. I've also been busy re-creating the Photoshop color swatches based on the color charts once found on the site. At the moment I have completed the majority of the American colors except for the World War 2 US Navy. The Luftwaffe, RAF, Soviet VVS and Imperial Japanese Navy and Army ones are on the to-do list. See the saved pictures below of the old color charts from Simmer's Paint Shop. I also have saved some tutorials and various resource files from the also defunct Screenshot World.
    14 replies | 26182 view(s)
  • dvj's Avatar
    Today, 16:49
    it's in the marketplace right now, but has a timeout error when trying to purchase. I thought it was coming out on the 17th.
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Today, 16:45
    Bomber_12th replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
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  • heywooood's Avatar
    Today, 16:29
    so good to see the Airshow Super Stearman coming back - great news!
    3 replies | 193 view(s)
  • Dangerousdave26's Avatar
    Today, 16:28
    Right by the weekend I should have a document together to show how to do it. We will post a thread looking for volunteers.
    33 replies | 2480 view(s)
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