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  • wormbelly's Avatar
    Today, 06:00
    : ty deEry, kommandEr, rcaf 1eyE, firE - dOs, winCo, screamEry, phRee, and oldjoE in the black forEst... class is in session... !
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  • Tom Clayton's Avatar
    Today, 05:59
    Great news! I've added a quick edit to Pamela's original post with a link to the download page and this thread is now stuck! :ernaehrung004:
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  • jankees's Avatar
    Today, 05:52
    jankees replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
    very nice shots, Richard! here's something from your neck of the woods: JK0002 by JanKees Blom, on Flickr JK0004 by JanKees Blom, on Flickr JK0005 by JanKees Blom, on Flickr JK0008 by JanKees Blom, on Flickr
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  • Ferry_vO's Avatar
    Today, 05:30
    How did you install SOL? You should unpack everything in the 'MOD' folder in the zip file directly in to the Assetto Corsa root folder and let it overwrite.
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  • DaveQ's Avatar
    Today, 05:24
    Only just got round to these. Installed the AV8B but, as Corvette99, no textures and no email...! Where do I get them. Also my rig refused to load the xml.dll file. DaveQ
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  • Paul J's Avatar
    Today, 05:11
    My favourite, too: Can't you just see "Mosquito" in those wings? . . .and here's a smaller version: Built in 1985 (when I had hair . .) 8' span. Not Gypsy Queens, but 2 x Saito 50's.!AueVg7eVAeXMlESoGrr_wiwUuWVS?e=pNfgeE Taking the snow shot is the original pilot - Capt. W.C. ("Bill") Boyes (retired Sr. Capt. Air Canada) pj
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  • Bunkiester's Avatar
    Today, 04:29
    That's odd. I normally only race 24-hour setups - Le Mans, Daytona, etc. Using CM, SOL, and all default, I've never had to do anything, other than set the time if I want to be in the dark and it isn't (I usually used the real weather/time option on CM). If not using real time, it'd just set it to a dark time frame and carry on...
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Today, 03:30
    Got it downloaded Richard, Thanks. Just for clarification for anyone who is as dense as I am concerning "SODE". Make sure you have "Show hidden files/folders" active because otherwise you won't find the folders explained in the readme. Then select the Program Data folder then 12bPilot, then SODE and you'll find the Simobject and XML folders in there.
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  • IanHenry's Avatar
    Today, 03:20
    Thank you very much Dave :applause:
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  • mgr's Avatar
    Today, 03:15
    Hi Dave, Thank you for this funny plane, never flown it before yet joy to fly in the circuit. One thing i noticed (not very familiar with this aircraft) that the idle-power is very high, without the brakes she begins to roll and also after landing she still want to fly and not stop easy. Kind regards,
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  • GRS_Deer Hunter's Avatar
    Today, 02:53
    yo guys game off @ 8.00 am eastern time . all welcome 2 join please edit ip ----xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx thanks doug , hanko & dietrich
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  • SpaceHippy1975's Avatar
    Today, 02:32
    I only did a straight copy & paste of the files from one drive to the other, then pointed Steam & MSFS to the new location. Not too sure about the MS Store version, sorry! Keith.
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  • tgycgijoes's Avatar
    Today, 02:19
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FSX Scenery Description: This is the result of three months work and collaboration with Bushpilot from FS Developers and falcon409 from here in the SOH. Every building is custom-made from photos and Google Earth then placed in exact position in the airport from a 1:600 architectural drawing I was able to download and a list of all 99 buildings identity. Boundary fences and gates are also authentically placed. Then oncel that was all completed, falcon 409 created the photoreal backgrounds and then vegetation and autogen buildings. Finally, Bushpilot helped me to place flags, windsock, mowers and show plows all controlled by the times and seasons. This is probably the most ambitious project I done in five years and it turned...
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  • Cazzie's Avatar
    Today, 01:48
    One of my faves, thanks Fave and Pam! Cazzie
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  • DaveWG's Avatar
    Today, 01:47
    Great pics Jankees. :encouragement: I'm annoyed about the magnetos. They use default Asobo templates, so they should work fine, and I know they were working prior to SU5. I think Asobo has changed the code somewhere, but digging through the layers of templates and sub-templates makes my head spin:dizzy: I've reverted the code to avoid the templates for now, so I'll upload a fix shortly. edit: I've updated the original upload to include the mag fix, but if you don't want to re-download the whole package, you can get the fix here:
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  • Spook48's Avatar
    Today, 00:28
    Looks beautiful , thank you very much .:applause:
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  • Naki1's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:58
    Wow!, fantastic pics Jankees
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  • johnbla's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:39
    Thanks for the info. After copying the files, are you able to clone/backup the copied files? I tried this on the MS store version but it did not work. Many thanks.
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  • YoYo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:11
    Thank You! :encouragement::applause:
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