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  • PRB's Avatar
    Today, 15:20
    I have to be missing something simple, but the light bulb hasn't gone off yet. Here are the direct paths to the P-51 and Spitfire in my Community folder: D:\FS2020\Community\ac_ah-p51d\SimObjects\Airplanes\ah-p51d\sound\ D:\FS2020\Community\ac_flyingiron-spitfire\SimObjects\Airplanes\flyingiron_spitfire\sound\ In order for the P-51's aircraft.cfg to "find its way" to the Spitfire's sound folder, I have to "go up" four directories, then "down" to the Spitfire's sound folder. I tried using only two (\..\..\) without luck.
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  • Maxstuka's Avatar
    Today, 15:20
    For those who didn't notice, this model is brand new and is complete broken parts.The-b-24guy work very hard to add breaking parts and a Vc for this model. models listed as maker The-B-24guy are model upgrades that do not have breakable parts or VC. Many people believe that there is only one version of the plane and that there is nothing else. In my collection you will find several aircraft that have been improved and they are with a new .mdl file.
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  • K5083's Avatar
    Today, 15:10
    I like it too. I got it through SimMarket which did force me to go through the AO installer, mildly irritating but it did work smoothly. Hope it will make updates easy? Anyway the plane itself is very nice. It is fun to look at where Twin Otters are flying at any given moment: Usually someplace exotic that you might not think of flying to! Good inspiration. August
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  • rvn817j's Avatar
    Today, 15:08
    Good to see you all here. John, I took a shot at the T-45, installed it, launched and found it a little "sensitive" (unstable) around the carrier. For a "free" aircraft, however, it is pretty nice. I have found the F/A-18 to be very stable around the carrier (as long as you are flying in the envelop) and easier to bring aboard than my (brief) experience with the T-45. If you are really looking for a carrier "qual" you might want to check out the F/A-18. In addition to the "free" / community supported aircraft mentioned, the A-4 looks really good and it is on v2.0 (so it has been in development for awhile). This is also a carrier aircraft. I'm going to install the A-4 tonight and conduct some carrier ops. I'll report back.
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  • SeanTK's Avatar
    Today, 15:06
    I'm helping the developer test an update to the model (one of possibly many). Up next you can expect the skis to be retractable to be flush with the belly while in flight, some modifications to the aircraft performance and engine temp readings, a change to the landing lights (currently relying on FBWAirbus asset...switching to default Asobo and modifying light depictions), and a brand new repaint featuring a blue, white, and red design reflecting another version of the real Matchbox/Hot Wheels model! After that, the developer may introduce anti-ice switches and systems, as well as a version of this aircraft with wheels and with floats.
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  • Maxstuka's Avatar
    Today, 15:05
    This how to located the number V083 in texture adapted of old gramps me262A model.
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  • Dimus's Avatar
    Today, 14:59
    Jan, to complete on nice freeware there are these: C-130 with droppable loads: Discord channel: Latest version: Fantastic community A-4C-E: Pretty descent A-29 Tucano: I was also annoyed to have to set up controls for each plane but when you dig into the details the official modules have you understand that it is important. With all these you have enough to keep your hands full for a while. For carrier ops the ultimates would be the F-18 and F-14 but I would suggest to wait for a sale to get them as ED often have them. Train in the T-45 first, as a real naval aviator would.
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  • tgycgijoes's Avatar
    Today, 14:56
    Look online for the Canadian Air Forces Cold Lake Base site. If it is like the USAF you can find the PAO or Public Affairs Officer. Contact them and ask your question explaining why you would like the answer.
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  • jetstreamsky's Avatar
    Today, 14:53
    You seem to have an extra space before Ďsoundí in the directory reference unless that was just typed out for this forum. Donít know if removing that will fix the issue though.
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  • Priller's Avatar
    Today, 14:50
    It should be: "\..\..\ac_flyingiron-spitfire\SimObjects\Airplanes\flyingiron_spitfire\ sound\" Cheers Priller
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  • dvj's Avatar
    Today, 14:39
    dvj replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
    Thank you! A fun little aircraft. Perfect for the artic. Now we just need some....... Thunderbirds!
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  • Maxstuka's Avatar
    Today, 14:31
    Thanks, If there is a fix for these aircrafts, it would be a leap to be able to use modern video cards.
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  • Fibber's Avatar
    Today, 14:31
    Fibber replied to a thread VN Ship in CFS2 General Discussion
    ....:wavey:... Ya Ta Hay ! Sorry donít know how to do accent marks on a Ipad.:adoration: Told by some past friends it has the same meaning in different ways in Apache and Navaho and some other tribes.
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  • PRB's Avatar
    Today, 14:24
    Can I use the FlyingIron Spifire sounds? Here's what I have in my aircraft.cfg: Sound="\..\..\..\..\ac_flyingiron-spitfire\SimObjects\Airplanes\flyingiron_spitfire\sound\" Both the Spitfire and the P-51 are in my Community folder. No Sound. I tried simply replacing the P-51 sound folder with that of the Spitfire. That didn't work either. This was easy in FSX and P3D.
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  • StormILM's Avatar
    Today, 14:20
    I got it last night, super nice model, flies like a dream, much like a Big Cessna with rough field and STOL capability.
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  • pomme homme's Avatar
    Today, 14:02
    It looks like I got the wrong Phil Taylor. I should have known that Phil 'Philthy Animal' Taylor, the drummer with Motorhead, is unlikely to have inspired the name of an aeroplane!
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  • bazzar's Avatar
    Today, 13:51
    Thankyou for the kind words, we are looking into the whole subject of WWise sound production and its issues. More anon. :engel016:
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  • bazzar's Avatar
    Today, 13:49
    Please use the correct channels for any issues. We have recorded no support requests regarding the model. We do not use this forum for support. An email to the correct help desk please. Thanks. :engel016:
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  • 65olschool's Avatar
    Today, 13:47
    Thanks Bravo/4, yep the bomb bay toggle for the fairing. Mastering a workable attack profile isn't easy but it very rewarding when you hear those 4 303s open up. Ive found that a dive down to the left or right side on a parallel course to your target then when you are alongside pull up while rolling into the target gets the best results, its just a matter of imagining the arc of the turret guns. Haven't really got a good photo of the maneuver yet with the target in the shot but..... Mick
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  • fabulousfour's Avatar
    Today, 13:47
    Took a while until the penny dropped. I think this is a Driggs Dart. Mike, if you are looking for a specific term at aerofiles there is no need to use only the search function there but you can use google as well. E.g. if you are looking for a two-seated open biplane at aerofiles you have to type at google: 2pob
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