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  • gastonj's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:55
    Hi, In principle, modelers do not create models to please but to please themselves. Sharing is another thing. Of course the professionals do according to the market! Good luck for your requst! JMC
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  • gecko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:43
    I would be quite surprised if there are any extant recordings of the sound of a real Vulture engine. It has probably been 75 years since the last time one was run.
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  • banjoman1960's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:12
    i have to uninstall it,i get CTD even when MP is off...........
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  • YoYo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:28
    YoYo replied to a thread MilViz A-1H "Skyraider" in Prepar3D
    Mike, nice skin! Im waiting for this!
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  • Dimus's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:27
    Dimus replied to a thread PMDG DC-6 this friday in MSFS (FS2020)
    Got the email one hour after purchase. Now to find time to appreciate this classic (and classy) beauty.
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  • rcafmad's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:43
    I have downloaded and added the New Manchester Aircraft. I know the Lancaster Sound, Merlin Sound, Mosquito Sound and the Hercules Sound but I have never heard the "Vulture Sound?" The sound in the Manchester is that the sound of the Vulture? If that is the Vulture sound then I will leave it alone. Just curious?
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  • BendyFlyer's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:09
    Playing around with a few other things put this old MS Baron BE58 into P3D few mods here and there. Not half bad actually has travelled across several sim versions very well actually. Cheap too! Few mods to the G1000 EFIS version worked nicely. Maybe every little switch does not work but I do not miss airconditoning.
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  • gecko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:53
    Don't know why I hadn't seen this one yet - great video!
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  • Fnerg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:09
    Fnerg replied to a thread PMDG DC-6 this friday in MSFS (FS2020)
    I hear ya. Being Canadian, don't know if that has to do with the delayed download ( CAD-US conversion, new account confirm etc.) Confirmed purchase, codes sent. I am anxiously waiting for the download too. :jump:
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  • cavaricooper's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:21
    John-I hope you noticed the start has been tweaked to be correct-Electric Power (Pref. GP) EstablishedLights & BeltsBeaconInverters x 3Generators x 4Start Switch to 3Main Fuel Pump 3 on lowFuel Pressure verifiedCrank 3At 9 blades Mags to bothIgnition BoostPrimeEngine catchesMixture to Auto Lean and then Auto RichStart Switch to 4... and so on.
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  • cavaricooper's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:16
    I am so glad that our esteemed colleagues seem to be enjoying her. This collection of antique aircraft enthusiasts is near and dear to my heart, and to know that most of you are impressed does me good. Iíve been working with PMDG since the MD-11 and this release is very special to me.Now, we just need the artists to grab their brushes...Best- C
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:20
    Consider me thoroughly impressed! I just completed a very nice hour-long flight around the Twin Cities this evening, taking off from St. Paul Downtown/Holman Field and eventually landing at Flying Cloud. I decided I would do a full cold start-up on this first flight as well.
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  • sixstrings5859's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:17
    Mc-205 MAW 1943 expansion...
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  • dvj's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:08
    dvj replied to a thread PMDG DC-6 this friday in MSFS (FS2020)
    One of the easiest flying aircraft in MSFS so far. Was expecting more ground effect upon landing and some tire screech. Now for some reading.
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  • StormILM's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:28
    I really loved my version from P3Dv4 but they hit this version out of the ballpark! This model shows that high end models shine in FS2020 which IMO solidifies the Sim as the ultimate version up to now. I can't wait for the 737NG3 to come out which I understand isn't too far off. Until then, this beauty is going to keep me very happy!
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  • Mr.Mugel's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:59
    My flight went quite well with some minor issues. I coulnd't request a landing at Daytona Tower, so I had to land unannounced. I don't know if there is a possibility to go from Cruise back to Climb Power with the AFE? As I descended to take a quick peek at Cape Caneveral and wanted to ascend again I did it slowly in Cruise mode. No big issue anyway as I'd set it up myself, but I didn't really bother to learn all the numbers as I wanted to make the AFE earn his money ;) All in all this is hard to describe. Starting the engines was nice, tried it with too little primer at first, but as everything else looked good, I added some more fuel and those big radials came to life, purring like a kitten. As said before, I lined it up on the long grass runway at Fantasy of Flight, gave the AFE the...
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  • Navy Chief's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:46
    Does anyone know if there is/are Icebreaker ships included in this add-on? Thanks, NC
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  • Dirtman's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:29
    It sure does! :wavey: CFS2 Nuclear Weapons Pack - includes: Manhattan Project for CFS2 Look here @ SimV ... middle of the page
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  • Rallymodeller's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:50
    Let's face it: converted warbird executive transports from the 50s and 60s are just plain cool. Look at the Howard 250, 350 and 500 and the On Mark Executive and Marketeer (the Executive represented by the "Marksman" FS9 model and Real_Old_Salt's "LAS S26" being a Marketeer). With the SOH Marauder available, is there any way to get an unarmed version to fake into an executive transport, like this: Who would I contact to get something like that underway? Full disclosure: I am useless with 3D modeling programs myself, although I know my way around Illustrator and Photoshop quite well. I spend most of my FSX time cruising around the CalClassic 1959-ish world, and having a Marauder to go with my Howards and On Marks would be awesome.
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  • robcap's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:32
    robcap replied to a thread PMDG DC-6 this friday in MSFS (FS2020)
    Hey Jan, I did a quick circuit, more luck than knowledge. Now I will go read the manuals and the check the videos. Yeah, happy days at the DDA. And didn't we get to spend time in the Aviodrome Connie later? So, back to the books and tomorrow a new attempt to do it right. Cheers, Rob
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