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  • Cazzie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:47
    I got nine from Just Flight and they do not have either updates, 1.3.2 or 1.3.3 with the new pilot. I downloaded the fuel fix YoYo linked and he says that gives one the new pilot. I'll see. Cazzie
    146 replies | 8400 view(s)
  • huub vink's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:47
    Brilliant work Steve! I'm not the purist some people think I am. I can absolutely live with a "D" dressed up as a "C". As already said before your "metal" is spot on. I see what you mean about the tanks, but I think that is caused by the properties of the "material" and can't really be solved. And to be honest I would most probably not have noticed it when you hadn't pointed at it. Thanks again for doing this repaint! Huub
    33 replies | 2340 view(s)
  • YoYo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:32
    According info very soon, probably April.
    42 replies | 3591 view(s)
  • ZsoltB's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:24
    23 replies | 1097 view(s)
  • kdriver's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:17
    It's probably the Stuka's air file - the PID section in fact. As Deathwind says, try substituting either the Val's or another author's Stuka's air file.
    3 replies | 94 view(s)
  • DennyA's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:12
    Just curious... It's not an expense (it's a free program), but it definitely would require a time investment from admins here. Has there been any consideration of moving to a more modern forum app from vBulletin, such as Discourse? I'm not sure how tied in the library is to VBulletin -- if it's powering downloads, it might not be viable due to how much would be involved in migration. I'll stick around either way. vBulletin is old, cranky, hard to deal with, and looks out of date, but that also describes most of us forum denizens, so maybe it's appropriate. :)
    14 replies | 1376 view(s)
  • kdriver's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:08
    There will be further improvements to the Manila Bay scenery soon. I've done GSL scenery for Manila city, port and oil terminal, as well as Sangley Point Naval Air Station and Cavite Naval Shipyard - there are still some objects to add to Cavite. Meanwhile, R. Wills is in the process of building the coastal fortifications and islands at the mouth of Manila Bay. MaskRider's updated airfields are not affected.
    7 replies | 277 view(s)
  • DennyA's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:07
    DennyA replied to a thread New System Build in MSFS (FS2020)
    I don't have any experience with the latest Ryzen, but I can tell you that with the 13900K and 4090 combo is wonderful for MSFS. I run a 5,120x1,440 display for 2D MSFS, and a Reverb G2 for VR, and both are silky smooth. 2D is Ultra-everything and 200 LOD and a Tobii Eye Tracker; VR I have a couple of things turned down to High that don't look visually different and details at 150. And I have an MSI Z790 board in my SFF secondary system and it's rock-solid. So if you don't want to wait, I can't promise that the AMD chip won't gain you a few FPS here and there, but i can tell you that the 13900K/4090 combo will deliver plenty to make you happy! Also, on the Intel build, at least, you don't need 1300W. If that's all that's available, it's fine, but I'm running 1000W and it's got...
    1 replies | 45 view(s)
  • ZsoltB's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:59
    23 replies | 1097 view(s)
  • Duckie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:54
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FSX Military skins - Cold War Description: This is a repaint of the **Milviz (FSX) F-100D Super Saber and represents U.S. Air Force North American F-100C-20-NA 54-2015 of the 32nd Fighter Day Squadron Wolfhounds, based at Soesterberg AB, Netherlands circa 1957. Model and Paint kit by MilViz. Repaint by Steve Bryant, March 2023. To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit MV_F-100D as F100C 32nd FDS Wolfhounds The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.
    0 replies | 21 view(s)
  • Javis's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:23
    Javis replied to a thread Freeware T-37 Tweet in MSFS (FS2020)
    They don't retract here neither, Sundog. Yessir, here as well. I think an easy fix. Possibly in next update.
    76 replies | 2587 view(s)
  • WarHorse47's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:17
    Still a work of art. Thanks again for all your time and talent. :encouragement:
    33 replies | 2340 view(s)
  • Javis's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:16
    Javis replied to a thread Freeware T-37 Tweet in MSFS (FS2020)
    Thanks, John, and for the interesting story! :encouragement: Are you writing a book on birds ?... ( real ones, not metal :))
    76 replies | 2587 view(s)
  • Marty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:14
    I loaded this Luzon 1941 and changed the aircraft and it is great. I have not had so much fun in a long time. The scenery is excellent and every thing goes together very easy, Thank again for you help.
    7 replies | 277 view(s)
  • Javis's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:09
    Javis replied to a thread Freeware T-37 Tweet in MSFS (FS2020)
    You're welcome, my pleasure, sir. :)
    76 replies | 2587 view(s)
  • Duckie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:04
    Just uploaded. Still not happy with the drop tanks but not sure I ever would be. There as good as I can get them to my eye. Remember - this is a "D" model painted in the markings of a "C" model. There's a world of difference between the C and D but I liked the markings so...
    33 replies | 2340 view(s)
  • Duckie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:44
    Thank you DaveQ and hertzie. I appreciate your comments. :loyal::loyal: Not much luck so I'm uploading as we "speak"
    33 replies | 2340 view(s)
  • WarHorse47's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:38
    How's it coming with the tanks?
    33 replies | 2340 view(s)
  • falcon409's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:16
    In the cockpit image above you can see an out-of-focus texture along the inside of the cockpit. I spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out where that was coming from. There are only 3 main textures and nothing looked similar until I started getting down low in the cockpit and looking at the underside of that area. Turns out it's the engine block, the yellow/gold color is coming from the exhaust manifold. With all the other textures to use that wouldn't interfere with the mapping. . .oh well. I hit a happy medium (for me at least) and covered a portion of the engine with a brown texture. Suits me fine since I don't fly from the outside staring at the engine, lol
    8 replies | 444 view(s)
  • sixstrings5859's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:57
    Outstanding ! This is going to be great ! Thanks so much ! Excellent ! Regards, Scott
    2 replies | 241 view(s)
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