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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Today, 10:59
    Bomber_12th replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
    Part of the nearby seaplane base, on Lake Winnebago. There is also a lot of static planes and camping added at the Fond du Lac Airport, just south of Oshkosh, which acts as the overflow field during Airventure.
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  • Bomber_12th's Avatar
    Today, 10:56
    Bomber_12th replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
    Some more shots of the PilotEdge EAA Airventure Oshkosh scenery (which also includes many other locations associated with flying to/from the event). Other than some of the warbird parking being a bit off, I can tell those who worked on creating this scenery know Airventure very well!
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  • ian elliot's Avatar
    Today, 10:48
    There's a Falklands package underdevelopment by Henrik Nielsen for FSX and above but ive never seen anything for 9
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  • Moses03's Avatar
    Today, 10:38
    Not Russian Mike. Few built in the early 1930s.
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  • Mario Donadon's Avatar
    Today, 10:27
    Mario Donadon replied to a thread Screenshots in MSFS (FS2020)
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  • lefty's Avatar
    Today, 09:48
    Is this a Tupolev of sorts ?
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  • christopherbritton's Avatar
    Today, 09:13
    Thanks for the clarification Tom! --- Hello all! I hope everyone is having (or had) a fantastic weekend! I have posted a poll over on concerning the runway light effects. If you have a moment, I would highly appreciate you helping out by leaving a vote! I'm thinking most of you here will probably vouch for realism, however since recently added the groups feature, which includes a poll function, I figured it would be a good idea to poll the idea before pulling the idea. (I'll show myself out..) :mixed-smiley-010:
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  • TheBookie's Avatar
    Today, 08:18
    TheBookie replied to a thread Midway in CFS2 General Discussion
    I've changed the Kate to the one made by Thicko and all the F4F-4's and SBD3's to FDG,the Zero and Val will be by Akemi.I found there are less mid air collisions. The add on Missions I'm doing will be named for the Carrier they are flown from.They will be missions not cover in the original AF=Midway. TheBookie
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  • Priller's Avatar
    Today, 08:14
    A Mk.8 sounds very good indeed!! Priller
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  • afscrub's Avatar
    Today, 08:01
    The gauge; gaugexx=n_number_plaque!n_number_plaque, (210,387,65,19 depends on the panelmap) must be put in , , . It is in the default/FSX gauges folder. A.F.
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  • Seahawk72s's Avatar
    Today, 07:07
    The entry is showing in the library but the download says not available.?
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  • Navy Chief's Avatar
    Today, 07:07
    I'm a little apprehensive of the pending update too, Rob. I will wait a day or so, and see how others fare with it.
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  • Priller's Avatar
    Today, 06:56
    Two more days. getting very curious here! :) Priller
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  • Tako_Kichi's Avatar
    Today, 06:33
    I have only created models for FSX not FS9 but I do know that in order to get the N number in the .cfg file to automatically appear in the VC in FSX you need a specially tagged polygon with a 2D gauge planar attached to it in order for the N number to appear. I don't think the auto tail number on the tail stayed in FSX as I never used it or saw it applied elsewhere. I can only assume the same methodology applied to FS9 models including on the tail. The bottom line is that if the model designer didn't include the required polys and planars in the model itself they cannot be easily added afterwards (it would require some lengthy manipulation in a programme like Model Converter X).
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  • pirosch's Avatar
    Today, 05:33
    Hello everyone! Yes, I am particularly pleased that the HB-IBS is being painted by Balair. I am totally delighted and very excited about the finished paint. That will be another highlight from this thread. Here is the short story of HB-IBS for those who are interested: Balair has taken over the DC-6A / C "G-APNO" from Air Ferrry. Here the arrival of the G-APNO in Basel.
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  • Shadow Wolf 07's Avatar
    Today, 05:27
    Captain Kurt: I was happy to read you are recovering. I'm also vaccinated and have hip replacement surgery coming up in 10 days and I definitely do not want to get exposed to that Delta variant. The plane looks great! Thank you for all your excellent work. :applause::applause:
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  • rbp71854's Avatar
    Today, 04:34
    Christopher C you have found the edge of the world!:biggrin-new:
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  • kdriver's Avatar
    Today, 04:14
    kdriver replied to a thread DH9A Ninak in CFS2 General Discussion
    Yes Martin, I had the same problem with the D.H.4 and fixed it by making an 800X600 bombsight bitmap. Gary made the aircraft before Windows 7 which doesn't like more than one 1024X768 panel bitmap. Thanks for posting the fix. Cheers, Kevin
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  • sixstrings5859's Avatar
    Today, 04:06
    That Spitfire is gorgeous to look at ,and i'm sure they will be a blast to fly ! Can't wait !
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  • zsoltquack's Avatar
    Today, 03:39
    zsoltquack replied to a thread P3D_V5 Screenshots P3D V 5 in Prepar3D
    Swiss Delta
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