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Thread: Real Air FSX Scout 2007 instruments problem

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    Real Air FSX Scout 2007 instruments problem

    A pilot colleague of mine who doesn't speak any English, has following problem with the above mentioned aircraft:
    The plane basically doesn't make any problems,
    but when switching on the instrument lights all instrument pointers disappear. Very strange, isn't?
    Has anybody ever experienced this problem or heard of it?
    Is there any advice, please?
    (He is running FSX under Windows 7 home)



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    I have the Real Air Scout installed and have no problem with the panel lights. Needles are all there.

    There was a texture patch released in July of 2007. I don't know what that fixed but if that hasn't been installed it might be worth a try.

    I am using Win 7 64 Ultimate but don't think that would make any difference.

    Tom Hibben

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    I found this patch on the RealAir support page:
    "Scout 2007 Cold and Dark Patch" - "This patch will make the 'Cold and Dark' feature of the Scout more reliable".
    I will try that.


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    Patch installed, no changes, instrument needles still disappear when instrument lights switched on.



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    Just suggestion..
    Why don't you contact Rob or Sean over at Real Air-They are great with customer service!


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    Hello Rick,

    thanks for suggestion, I will do.


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