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Thread: yet another bouncer

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    Screenshot please. Are you talking from Spot view, 2D cockpit, VC?

    EDIT: Okay ... screenshot please. Is this with Cees panel updates or the original? I do not see any issues with Cees' panel update.
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    with Cees update

    I applied Cees update but this was before I did that.It was after I applied your update ,and pretty sure it only happens in VC. You get the same effect if a flying boats cockpit is below water level.I was told it's just a bug with FS9.
    I don't know how to make a screenshot, but on take off there are narrow bands left and right that flash and you can see the runway thriugh them It's nothing I can't live with ,you have your hands full with the Grummans , so don't worry about it.

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    Not seeing that here sir ... sounds like a video issue of some sort.

    To make a screenshot, (If you do not have "Snapper", a freeware download), simply:

    1. Press the "Print Scr" key (This copies to the clipboard)
    2. Open MSPaint or any graphics program, and Click Edit, Paste.

    There you have it.

    Name and Save that as a "files of type" .jpg file.

    Now come to SOH, create the message, Manage attachments, add attachments, browse to file and upload it.

    Save the message and post it.
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    maybe my vidio driver

    I'd say maybe it's my driver or some other vidio issue but of over 400 planes installed the only other one's are the Lohner flying boats that do this . I was told by someone here that was because of a bug in FS9 caused by part of the cockpit being below the water line ,which of course can't be the case here.
    The plane sit's normally from outside and this flashing runway thingys only show on the takeoff roll,I imagine they would show when taxing also,but since this computer is so old and I have to shut down backround programs by going to msconfig and rebooting I don't really feel like doing that now.
    Thanks for your concern,I'am sorry I bothered you with it (not being scarcastic) .My bet is for some reason on my computer it's a contact point thing and I though maybe it would be an easy fix.I don't have MS paint or snapper and don't realy feel like messing with those now my anixity and depression problem are getting the best of me today ,so don't worry about it.
    Thankyou so much for trying to help.

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    Just to let you know

    I took a deep breath and flew some without shutting down backround programs ,made 3 flights before I lost my textures. Three were dirt strips from Germany and there were no flashes with the runway showing. Tried the default Seattle but by then I lost my textures so couldn't be sure if it did it with that airport or not. Must only happen with certain airports or maybe it fixed it's self, anyway thats all I can handle for now ,thankyou sir for you help.

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    I'm not seeing it here either. A screenshot would be helpful.

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