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Thread: Java Quick Start

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    Charter Member 2011
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    Sep 2007
    Auckland, New Zealand

    Java Quick Start

    I had some issues while making movie clips in flightsim, and I thought FRAPS was the culprit.
    The sim would "hook" momentarily, very irritating.
    Turns out Java's prefetch was starting up and running in the background, and hogging the machine.
    If like me, you are running Windows XP, you can disable JQS.exe:

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    Good tip - sounds like another one for the Tips and Tricks section!

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    Charter Member 2015 WarHorse47's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    Great Pacific Northwest
    I use FSAutoStart to free up resources. This includes stopping and restarting Java Quick Start to free up resources for FS9. One should be able to do the same with AltricityPC.


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    Charter Member 2011
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    Sep 2007
    Auckland, New Zealand
    I run a dozen or more things on my machine: spreadsheets, email clients, photo-editing software, word processor etc.
    It's what Windows is about: multitasking.

    I dive into FS as a distraction sometimes for a few minutes only.
    Ending a sim session, I need all that stuff exactly where I left it.

    JQS is the only one that is really bad-mannered, and intrudes on my FS experience.
    Disabling it, so far I haven't really noticed a dramatic hit in anything it would normally pre-fetch...

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