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Thread: Finaly have it the way i want it...

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    Finaly have it the way i want it...

    Praise God, halleluiah, thank you Jesus, after MUCH trial and error and many hours of frustration,I finaly have everything working the way I want it. All the buttons and axis on my G940 work correctly and the FFB is even pretty close, and I got my TrackIR 5 working right also. So I had my first fully operational flight this morning, buzzing up the Deschutes River Canyon in central Oregon in my Lotus L-39 and man was it great. Mike from Lotus, if you read this, great job on the L-39! Having spent several hours flight hours in an L-39, I can tell you that this is about as close as you can get, especially with the FFB and TrackIR.
    Now I just need to figure out the overheating and blue/grey/tan SOD issues with my laptop. With all the USB and HDMI plugged in, it runs very warm and will occasionally lock up. I think the best solution is to upgrade the desk top and have as much cooling as I want.

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    congratulations.......although surely there is at least one little thing you want to look at again....go on, you know deep down you want to keep tweaking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murray Cod View Post
    congratulations.......although surely there is at least one little thing you want to look at again....go on, you know deep down you want to keep tweaking
    Weeeeell, maybe.... I might try to get the FFB a little closer. I'm going to go work over in Africa three out of the next five months, make a few extra $$$. Then I'll do a major upgrade on my desktop so I don't have to put use my laptop for it all the time. Then I'll have to start all over getting everything right, but that's okay.

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    Hi Brett. Thanks very much for the kind words, I appreciate it!

    I know what you mean about getting all the bits and pieces in FSX working well together, both hardware and software. On those rare occasions when they all click, with the right weather in the sim, and the right sun angle, and right scenery.... hehe... nirvana.



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    I hope you were touching wood as you wrote this. I was getting to the point of thinking Ahhhhh this is just fine. Then I downloaded Gamebooster and it did something to my main windows boot sector. I had to start all over again. I'm nowhere near there yet having reinstalled W7 and Office that about it so far. I took the opportunity of giving RAID0 a go and touch wood seems quite good thus far.
    As a side note, I would like to meet the guy who thought SATA connectors and their sockets were a good design, I'd give him a sound thrashing. They fall out of their sockets at the merest interference. When you have 6 Hard Drives it's hard to keep track of which cable goes where. Grrrrr.
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