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Thread: Pagani Huayra revealed.

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    Pagani Huayra revealed.

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    Hey All,

    OK so all I can say is WOW! These Pagani's are outstanding! Put me down for a Zonda F. The lineage from Lamborghini is obvious. I always liked the angular Lambo designs (like the Countach). I also always liked the fact that the Lambo car site links to Lamborghini tractors! Fast cars and tractors - the way to be! Anyway curvy cars are ugly - angular cars are COOL! The Pagani's have about the perfect balance and they are adequately fast! Finally a 2 seater I didn't know about worth driving when I'm not tooling around in my Nissan GTR!

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    "Production is slated to commence later this year and pricing is expected to start at €1,000,000 ($1,368,800 / £867,030)."

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    And I thought plastic models were getting expensive!

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