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Thread: Alligator Story - Real Life Scene From "Jurrasic Park"

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    Alligator Story - Real Life Scene From "Jurrasic Park"

    This morning while the guys were making their rounds, they found this 5' long piece of aluminum down spout laying out in the middle of a grassy commons area behind one of the lake side homes

    It was obvious that an alligator had it in for this piece of aluminum. Not only did he rip it off the end of the of the home's gutter, but also crushed the daylights out of both ends.

    After the guys figured out where it came from and what happened, they threw it in the back of their cart, to be tossed in the dumpster when they got back to the shop.

    Now here's the really cool part of the story. When they made it back to the shop and were standing around BSing with the other guys, they heard a rattling sound coming from the back of their cart. It was coming from the crushed down spout. When they pried open the one end, a baby rabbit ran out of the end and off into the grass.

    All I can think about is that scene from Jurrasic Park where the kids are in the car that's being crushed by the T-Rex. That had to be one scared rabbit, but he made it.

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    Great little story!
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    That IS a cool story. What a nice ending.

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