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    Ultimate Traffic X - Question

    After the MIAW fiasco, I decided to revived an old traffic utility I bought and never used. . .maybe now I know why, lol. Is there any way to have UTraffic X compile a database of all airports? Right now, after having it do a compile, it shows maybe 50 airports and if I do a search for other airports, it doesn't find anything. Shouldn't it do a search of the FSX database to do flight plans with? Other than some major hubs, it doesn't seem to know that any other airports exist and there isn't any way to get it to recognize them.:salute:

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    I had that too and never quite figured it out a year back..

    help maybe is here....

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    Quote Originally Posted by harleyman View Post
    I had that too and never quite figured it out a year back..
    help maybe is here....
    Yea, I had already looked there before ya posted harleyman, but I decided to dump the program because it's pretty limited in what you can do as far as GA (actually almost nothing via the program as it's made solely for Commercial flights). Guess that's why I dumped it originally, lol.:salute:

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    Falcon are you good at creating AI traffic for airfields???

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    Nope. . .hence the deleting of two programs to try and get AI traffic into my sim, lol. I don't understand it and what little I did know I forgot because I didn't stay with it. I don't honestly care much at all about Commercial traffic. . .I think it makes the larger airports look good, but I rarely, if ever fly into large airports, so GA is more what I'd like to populate with. . .also military, but I've had my hand in that already and wasn't impressed.

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    Ahhh ok. I was working on updating my El Centro scenery and was thinking of adding in some F-18's doing touch and go. Maybe have Fat Albert arriving from Pensacola or something. Thanks for your response.

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    I have been using some freeware GA traiific files that has been separated into individual aircraft types as the UK doesn't tend to have some of the GA types that are shown by default. I also use UT2, but the GA seemed a bit sparse, although there is now an updated GA file to address the sparsity.

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    I don't fly into large airports very often and I don't mind too much not seeing airliners but I would really miss not hearing real world airlines on my ATC. It helps so much with suspending my disbelief when I hear US Airways, etc negotiating with Socal while I'm tootling along in a Cessna.

    As for GA I have already swapped the default in UTX for some of my favourite payware and most small airports have a good collection present although I keep my traffic sliders very low.

    I'd hate to be without UTX now and apart from a few fiddly bits when I first installed it and set it up I now take it for granted. I used to have a few custom flightplans set up from my home town airport in FS9 but have learnt to live without it in FSX.

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