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    If you have followed the F-100 threads in here for the past week, you'll know that several of us have been updating and tweaking the donationware/freeware Super Saber for FSX.

    I am having a problem with one area and I seem to be the only one with the problem. I cannot get the tailhook to drop. I've tried the default keyboard setting (shift+Q), I've tried mapping it to a button on my joystick, I've tried clearing everything on the assignment line and reprogramming. . .nothing works. I have the same aircraft, same mdl file, yet mine doesn't work and everyone elses seems to work fine. The other problem with that is that the drag chute animation is linked to the tailhook, so I don't have the chute deploying either. Grrrrrrrrr:isadizzy:

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    Know how it feels... I did just send you an Email with a clickable tailhook button gauge. Since the keyboard does not work for you, maybe it is worth trying a button on the 2D panel.

    cheers, Henk

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    Well, I'll just have to be content with the fact that, for whatever reason, I am the only person without a working tailhook on this particular airplane. (pause for a brain check), lol

    I realized what I was about to say and it dawned on me that I had only been testing the F-100. So I went and tested the other aircraft I have that have tail hooks. Guess what. . . .none of them work. Something has thrown my tailhooks to the dogs, lol.

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