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Thread: X Files Revealed

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    X Files Revealed

    Okay okay ... so the source is "The Sun" ... but still ...,2933,440802,00.html
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    Could an F-86D carry 24 rockets?

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    Standard armament on an F86D:24x2.75 FFAR 'Mighty Mouse' unguided rockets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wombat666 View Post
    Standard armament on an F86D:24x2.75 FFAR 'Mighty Mouse' unguided rockets.
    Yea, I was questioning the "lock-on" capabilities in 1957......semantics I guess......

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    Quote Originally Posted by wombat666 View Post
    Standard armament on an F86D:24x2.75 FFAR 'Mighty Mouse' unguided rockets.
    Those would really hurt a space ship that could travel across the galaxy.


    Interesting article, however.

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    The F-86D had a retracting bin that held the 24 Mighty Mouse rockets. No guns....just the 24 2.75 inch Folding Fin Aerial Rockets (FFAR).

    It was a very striking aircraft and had killer performance for its time.


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    I just heard this guy on the radio on the way home today... Interesting fellow.... Didn't really buy into the 'UFO' thing until this event... He sounded like he def. saw something.... something very fast, he seemed pretty amazed at exactly how fast he thought it was moving.... He thought Mach 10+!!

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    Yes the source may well be the Sun, but the MoD has released these files to the Public Records Office.

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