Convert FS2004 or FSX Planes to CFS3
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Thread: Convert FS2004 or FSX Planes to CFS3

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    Convert FS2004 or FSX Planes to CFS3

    Just wonderin'.

    This was probably asked and answered years ago but, does anyone know of a tutorial on how to convert FS2004 or FSX of CFS2 planes to run in CFS3?

    I've seen lots of CFS3 planes on Sim-Outhouse that say "FS2004 conversion" or "CFS2 conversion" so I presume it can be done with some FS2004 or CFS2 planes. Never seen any FSX conversions.

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    You really need the source files to do this, then it's a bit of work with Gmax - just how much varies with the model, how it's mapped and animations may need rescaling. It's really a job for an experienced modeller who understands the key differences between how FS9/CFS2 models are configured and how CFS3 models differ there are important differences. That's why you're unlikely to find a tut on the subject.

    FSX models tend to be more complex some are much more complex and a proper FSX model with a VC is at least two separate models: an exterior model and one or more interior VC model. Animations for FSX are limited only by a modeller's imagination and a hard limit of around 500 animated objects! Lots more texture sheets too, lots...
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    Well, that sounds way too complicated for me! Thanks for taking the time to answer.

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