IRIS Warthog Driver in P3D v3 with TacPack ?
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Thread: IRIS Warthog Driver in P3D v3 with TacPack ?

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    Question IRIS Warthog Driver in P3D v3 with TacPack ?

    Hi all,

    I own the IRIS A-10 Warthog driver, with the multi-installer for:
    - FSX with Acceleration
    - P3D v1
    - P3D v2

    Until now I was using the P3D v2 version in P3D v3 without issues. The plane works perfectly.
    But now that TacPack finally reached P3D v3, I wanted to check if the FSX+TacPack version of the A-10 would work. Unfortunately, it seems it make the sim crash to desktop as soon as I reach the cockpit :/
    Has anybody succeeded to use the TacPack features of that plane, or is it really FSX-only with 0 chances to make it work in P3D v3?

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    Post deleted -- outdated info. I see that VRS updated Tacpack to support P3D v3. Great news....

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    Ok, it seems the only thing needed was a computer reboot. Today the Hog was working correctly...
    I couldn't drop anything because I haven't configured the triggers or anything, but at least I could get the sidewinder tone
    Also, it seems the FLIR won't work no matter what. I guess the FSX+TacPack version are trying to call stuff that doesn't exist in the P3D version of TacPack.
    I'll have to buy the P3D+TacPack version of the Warthog, if it's ever released. I hope they'll offer a discount or something like that.

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    Bumping the topic to check if anybody else is using the TacPack Warthog in P3D v3.2 ?
    I'm still trying to guess if there is any chances to get that FLIR screen to display anything...

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    Daube, I do not have the Warthog installed in P3D, but should you perhaps enable the experimental features in the Tacpac manager?

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