Say since I'm not so good at camo, can one of you please for Tim Conrad's excellent freeware FSX A-1H Skyraider (and if you can the RAZBAM version too please) make a Skyraider just like this:

"The Proud American" Climbing From the Runway! by Joe A. Kunzler, on Flickr

The Tail of Heritage Flight's "A Proud American" by Joe A. Kunzler, on Flickr

Looking Up at the Wright R-3350-26WA by Joe A. Kunzler, on Flickr

"The Proud American" Names of Honour by Joe A. Kunzler, on Flickr

Considering the love affair I have with this Skyraider and it's prominence not just with Skagit Regional Airport (it's home base with Heritage Flight Museum) but the Puget Sound, Washington State warbird scene a little shocked it isn't up and flying in FSX/P3D.

Please let me know if you need more or better photos.... as I'm capped at four images for a post. There's like a two page album but could easily go to four pages up at