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    Jet breaking issues

    I use FSX/A and on some military jet aircraft when I land and apply brakes the plane will slide out of control like it was on ice. The stock F-18 is one example.
    I use a joy stick and have this issue on some not all aircraft. When I disconnect the joystick and use just the keyboard, I have same issues.

    I tried to do a fast taxi down the runway and at around 85 + knots I will apply the brakes and it will almost stop then skid out of control.

    I don't have this issue with prop planes, they will slow to a stop and maintain a straight line on runway center.

    Same issues with the Milviz and Simworks F-4. Interested in any ideas.


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    Induced Yaw

    You might need to calibrate your stick. But the 'rudder input' (unintended) problem is amplified with at higher speeds. Try using your parking brake on that 85 kt taxi test 'hands off' of stick and see what it does.

    Most mil jets have spoiler(s) for slowing down and I rely on it in Sim. That's because you can max out the brakes (in cfg and air files) and it will still will not slow down fast enouth if going 130 kts. But you can set the spoiler to where you will go thru the windshield. The 'default' values for cfg is 'spoiler limit=59.989' and in air 'spoiler_drag=600'. But modelers (and MS) set the values to something less for both. Why I don't know. But they are wrong. Set the spoiler in cfg to '59.989' and in air to '-1' (yes, MINUS one) and see how fast it will stop. You'll be surprised. But the air file should be around '600.000000'. The '59.989' is the degree of deflection. The air file value is how much drag is added. Hope this helps.
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    I know this is a kinda old thread, but I just wanted to mention that FSX has Antiskid modeled in. You have to assign a key combo or joystick button to make it operate though. It doesn't have anything assigned to it by default, so there's no way to activate it without assigning a key-combo or joy-stick button to it. The FSDT FSX BA F/A-18C v16.1 does have a switch in the VC cockpit for it that works very nicely. The default F-18 might too, but I am not certain. Don't use on the carrier though That might help the whole "ice-skating" problem.
    And like Chuck mentioned, let the speed-brake do it's job. I use it down to about 65kts. I use aerobraking too. Hold the nose off the ground as long as possible. It helps you slow down faster, if that makes sense. Those big huge stabilators do make a lot of drag.
    Hope this helps a little bit...

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