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    A-26 fix

    First let me say this is the first time I have started a thread on this forum so I hope I am in the right place and I hope this subject has not been previously addressed . I have just recently reinstalled the A-26 in my FSX DX-10 installation. I noticed that there were several issues including missing landing gear and prop hub. The guns were missing and the glass except the windshield is too dark. The problem is the 8 bit textures do not work in DX10. I converted these textures to DX1 which fixed the problem and deleted a texture which improved the dark windows. I also have a prop texture that works better than most I have scene. I came up with this prop many years ago and have forgotten how and where I found it. I think I modified a prop texture from another aircraft but can't remember. Fortunately I still have this prop. So here is my question ? I would be glad to share these fixes. Do I need to get permission from the authors of the A26 to post the modified textures or should I just indicate which textures I modified and how I accomplished the conversion ? Any input would be appreciated.

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    Doesn't look like anyone has any advice so I will go ahead give my fix for anyone that might be interested. First this is for the original "a26soh.zip" for FS2004. The A26 FSX conversion will have glass transparency issues in DX10.You will need to use the "image tool" that can be found.

    \Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Environment Kit\Terrain SDK

    First I would copy and paste the texture files that need to be converted in a folder and when the conversion is completed copy the contents of the folder into each of the a-26 aircraft texture folders and overwrite. The following 8 bit textures need to be converted to DXT1 blacktexture, brakerotor, darkgray, gearparts, gray, strut2 & tiretread.The following 32 bit textures must also be converted to DXT1 "darkred" & "guns". The image tool will not convert the the 32bit textures to DXT1 directly. You must convert them to 8 bit and then to DXT1. To use the Image tool first open each of the texture files in the tool and click on image and then format. You will now see your options. Click on DXT1 and the texture will be converted. Now save the file. Do this for all the texture files I have listed. If you want to lighten the side windows which will be very dark in DX10 mode, unless you no how to fix this I would just delete the "glass_t file. Before you start you should backup the files. The easiest and safest way is to make a copy of the entire A26 aircraft folder and make all your changes in the backup copy. If you screw up you can easily go back and start over. As far as the prop fix goes the "spinprop" file from the "SOH A-26 Invader FSX Coversion_with_fix.zip" works fine just replace the default with this texture. I would do one aircraft first and make sure everything is working. Then do the samewith all the other skins. That should do it. If anyone has any questions ask away. I am not an expert by any means I just learn as I go from trial and error and from the many talented folks out there.

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    I have omitted some information to make this aircraft fix work properly. This will fix the missing fuselage areas. My A26 install already had these fixes installed many years ago and I had forgotten. So you must add these model fixes courtesy of Mr Shupe. Go to the following link and download and install the following five files:a26bngfix.zip, a26bx.zip, a26cngz.zip, a26cngxfix and a26cx.zip. You will also have to add the thumbnails. you can create your own or you will find them in "SOH A-26 Invader FSX Coversion_with_fix.zip"


    My apology if I have caused anyone any problems.

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