Scenery Testers Requested (FS2004)
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Thread: Scenery Testers Requested (FS2004)

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    Icon26 Scenery Testers Requested (FS2004)

    Hi Good People,

    We (the Ford Project Team) have finished off a Scenery Expansion Pack of airfields for the Ford Tri-Motor Project. It is a package of 4 historical (1930's era) airfields within the Indo-China area known as Manchukuo.

    Additionally there is a 5th airfield, a French Colony area known as Fort Bayard which is a link between the Manchukuo group of airfield to the existing Ford-India-Project (see

    These airfield are all works of fiction but try to capture the look and feel of China in the 1930's

    There is well over 100 special scenery 3D models (using over 800 images) that have been created for this project and there is a mixture from lightly populated to rather heavily populated airfields within this package of 5 airfields.

    The package is 35mb in zip format. The package is totally self contained - no need for any other Ford Project Scenery to be pre installed.

    Because of the size and complexities of some of these airfields and the massive amount of unique models being used both Edward and I thought it would be advantagious to get some testing done of the package before we release it to the masses. :-)

    Therefore, I am seeking some volunteers to contact me for an advanced copy of this scenery pack who will give the 5 airfield a bit of a hammering within their FS2004 environment and let me know if it all runs smoothly with minimum Frame Rate impacts etc. Also for their recommendations on anything that they may notice.

    You can contact me via a Personal Message through this forum or by e-mail to


    Garry and Edward
    Your Ford Project Team
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    Garry J. Smith - Graphic Tinkerer

    Project Site - --- Mike Stones Aircraft -
    Home Site - -------------Milton Shupe and Team Aircraft -

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    Bit quiet on the SOH front line

    Still need a couple more testers to try out this scenery - surprised that no SOH patrons have taken up the offer to test out some new stuff - normally a bucket load of simmers here that are keen to tinker with scenery etc.

    Should only take an hour or two at worst case to download, install and test fly the 5 new airfields - considerably less than the hundreds of hours expended in creating these for your flight sim enjoyment.

    Regards and hope everyone has a great 2016.

    Garry J. Smith - Graphic Tinkerer

    Project Site - --- Mike Stones Aircraft -
    Home Site - -------------Milton Shupe and Team Aircraft -

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    My tastes are for contemporary airports, or I'd jump on it - I still remember what you can do! Tell ya what, I'll splash a little stickum on this for a couple of days to give it a little visibility...

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    Thank Tom, Appreciated.

    This Manchukuo Project is a major scenery production - well over 100 extra 3D models created and some serious boundary pushing - just need a handful of people with various hardware to give the 5 airfields with lots of models a bit of a run to make sure I have not pushed the boundaries too far.

    Regards mate and have a great 2016.

    Garry J. Smith - Graphic Tinkerer

    Project Site - --- Mike Stones Aircraft -
    Home Site - -------------Milton Shupe and Team Aircraft -

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    OMG! This is some fantastic scenery Garry! I had my settings maxed out and had
    no problems with frame rates. The soya plant was really well done and all the
    varied buildings were superb. It was nice to see the Fokker tri-motor on the
    ramp too. After landing at Zhoushuizi - Dalian in my "Lao Che Air Freight" Ford
    I switched to a Ford mail truck and drove around the field to see the sights.
    "Well done" does not do this scenery package justice! If I had to change
    anything I might tone down the blue of the water around the palace, and add some
    AI aircraft.

    Hope this helps Gerry and thank you for all the obvious effort you put in to
    your superb sceneries. I have them all and fly from them almost every session.
    Do not fear the enemy, for they can take only your life. Fear the media far more, for they will destroy your honour.

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    Icon26 Glad you enjoyed it mate.

    Thanks for the feedback - particularly the frame rate info - with well over 100 new and many of them very complex 3D models - I was a little concerned that they overall might cause some simmers a problem.

    As for the water colour - unfortunately that is the Default AFCAD water - could have created yet another model for the water area but I have several times used water here and there throughout the scenery and that would have possible been too many models

    There will indeed be some AI for the scenery - transiting between the airfields - but wanted to settle down the scenery first

    Thanks also for your kind words about the quality - I tried very hard to make each model and each scenery pack something special for simmers to enjoy and I guess I hit the mark again with this project.

    Regards - and still looking for more testers for those that want to check out what Stoney is enjoying.......

    Garry J. Smith - Graphic Tinkerer

    Project Site - --- Mike Stones Aircraft -
    Home Site - -------------Milton Shupe and Team Aircraft -

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    Hi Garry, I'll jump in over the weekend - my setup is all contemporary but in China I have nothing installed so perfect for testing! And as you know, I enjoy flying your old & slow stuff anyway! So I'll give the old Ford-Tri and Douglases an airing ...


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    Hi Sascha,

    Great stuff - can you contact me through a PM on this site or send me an e-mail at so that I can send you the details of the download location etc.

    Will be good to have another pair of eyes check the scenery out

    Garry J. Smith - Graphic Tinkerer

    Project Site - --- Mike Stones Aircraft -
    Home Site - -------------Milton Shupe and Team Aircraft -

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