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Description: *** Version 2 featuring 2 extra models ***
Alphasim Vought Crusader for FSX Version 2. This update of the Virtavia/Alphasim Freeware Collection FS2004 F-8 Crusader features:

- 4 native FSX models: US Navy F-8C + F-8J / Aeronavale F-8E(FN) / USMC F-8K.
- New FSX glass textures and generic specular maps for the exterior, reflective metal on burner cans.
- Updated VC radar scope for the long nose late models.
- Removable pilot.
- Weapons can be loaded by entering their FSX Payload weight.
- When the afterburner kicks in: BOOM!
- New fuel dump switch and wing vents vapour trails fx.
- Extra Kneepad checklist explaining the refueling probe animation etc.

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