Call for research material... (Fairchild C119G Boxcar)
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Thread: Call for research material... (Fairchild C119G Boxcar)

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    Call for research material... (Fairchild C119G Boxcar)

    Good folks of Sim Outhouse, I call to thee...

    In all seriousness, could do with some help... Myself and Larry and co are looking at our next project... after the Mallard and A (Both short final for completion)

    What we're considering... is a Fairchild C119G Flying Boxcar. Long overdue and often longed for... yet nobody has done one in a long time.

    I've been doing some exploratory work now my texture work on the two current projects is done, and I know we have a wealth of information among the members here... What have we got?

    Anyone with documents or resources would be greatly appreciated, personal knowledge, advice or technical drawings especially...

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    there's one in the museum, here in Brussels. If you need pics of certain parts?

    You can find my repaints here

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Not sure if this will help...

    What info are you looking for? There is a lot out there. Look up Operation Tomahawk. It would probably the largest use of the C-119.

    Here is a good historical link.

    It may help get you in a direction that you want to go.
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    I have the airtanker one covered

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    I think the biggest help right now would be PDF service manuals or POHs, any good photos of gear and the gear mechanism (That's one i've spent hours trying to find clear information on and its a tough one to find exact details of (especially the hub and axle joint and the suspension components)

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    This was the best landing gear shot I have. Ill look through my books. I might have a manual in there

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    Check your Private Mail

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    look here then...

    Might be worth a look.

    Here is another

    This last one has what you're looking for. I can tell you the info is not cheap, at all. That will atleast tell you what manuals to look for.
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    for a small subscription fee, you can download any of the entire library

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    A dream comes true :-) :-)

    I'd be happy to make a donation to cover expenses for the manuals! This is no joke!

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    coincidentally, i was trying the old Daisuke Yamamoto 2002/04 model last week, actually works quite well, all gauges show with no warnings, although obviously there's issues with prop and glass, all in all, not bad for a 10 year old port over but a dedicated fsx model would be something very much to look forward to, good luck guys

    cheers ian

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    been wanting a C-119 For a Long time

    Found this Video on Youtube

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    Absolutely thrilled that you guys are taking on this project! My Dad used to jump out of these aircraft as a paratroop officer with the 82nd Airborne Division many moons ago. Mike

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    Just wondering how your search is going? Where you able to find the information you needed?
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    I have provided to the build group a full set of SACs and pilot manuals which should help get the project off the ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mal998 View Post
    I have provided to the build group a full set of SACs and pilot manuals which should help get the project off the ground.
    Wow! Thank you for that; most kind of you Sir. There is hope for the future of this project. Go LDR!
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    Hi Friends,
    Italian C-119Gs during '60 ...

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    A 1/10 scale flying model (!!!)

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    An update of sorts...

    We're still collecting material, but people have been helpful so far, and we've quite a library of material.

    I spoke with Mr Yamamoto, the creator of one of only two C119's in Flight sim at the moment.

    Mr Yamamoto has agreed to allow us to take his model, which for its age, was actually really good.. and go from there. It's also rather accurate dimension-wise. So this will be a slimmed down LDR project, not a full blown 6month-1 year project: We aim to have this done fairly quickly.

    What we're doing;

    We're taking Mr Yamamoto's original 119, and upgrading it to FSX/P3D standard. Which means enhancing the model, adding to it, and creating a more detailed exterior model, remapped and textured to modern standards with normal's and specular maps.

    Inside... we're ripping things back to bare bones and taking it up a notch. How far... yet to be determined, but It will receive a whole new level of TLC and modernization to current standards of sim tools.

    How it's going to work out; no idea yet, but We're finishing off the Mallard, and the Navion A is 99% done, so aside from a few effects, manuals and other bits... those two are nearly out o the hangar, and we hope to have the Mallard out as an early Christmas present for you all.

    The C119 has long been a personal favorite of mine, and one I lamented the lack of a FSX native version of for a long time. I persuaded Larry to take this one on, and he, being a generally awesome human being has done stellar work so far in the week we've been working on it. The progress is staggering.

    The end goal is to have a freeware plane worth flying, one that can be enjoyed and experienced. It's not going to be a full depth A2A aircraft, nor is it going to be a 24 hour 50 poly quickly with ms paint textures, but we're going to do our best to create something enjoyable during the project downtime we have.

    We do have several irons in the fire for 'proper' LDR projects coming soon, you'll love them...

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    An updated C-119 sounds great to me! I'm glad you guys took this project on, as I've always wanted a dedicated FSX version. My thanks to you and the team working on it and everyone who contributed research materials.

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    After a week's work this is what we have:

    Most of the outside has been re-mapped and extra polys added where required (the white parts are still original). I've built a whole new left engine, cowling, cowl flaps and prop hub and the cargo section of the interior has been completely rebuilt to FSX standards including the addition of opening crew door, opening clamshell doors and opening para doors within the clamshells. All the cargo interior has been mapped too and is already getting some early paint.Things are moving fast!

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