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Thread: Inspired by A2A Piper Cherokee

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    final and complete..I think

    the radio masts are made from guitar's kind of a theme now I guess
    enter..the Sandman

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    I've been working sporadically, as time allows, on the Dumas Lockheed Air Express...just haven't taken any pictures of it.
    I've also received the dummy Wasp engine from Williams Bro's and have it basically assembled and I have gotten the decal sheet for the Roscoe Turner piloted Gilmore aircraft from Callie Graphics. She has done a beautiful job on them and I can't wait to see this model wearing them.
    I should be able to post some progress shots soon - but I'm afraid there isn't much to show yet..still infilling the fuselage (around 30% complete)
    If you want to see some of that and can't wait for the still shots here you can look at the channel 'Heywood Planes' on youtube
    So much to do - so little time lol
    enter..the Sandman

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    This is the aircraft I am currently working on - in this exact livery..I hope
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    current status of the Dumas Lockheed Air Express - Gilmore Oil sponsored aircraft...

    this represents about 20% of the total effort - maybe less than that

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    some progress to show..

    the cowling is almost done - just have to detail and then reinsert the vacu-formed engine facia and it'll be ready for paint prep.

    The main LG wheel pants are ready to prep for paint but the fuselage still needs most of its infill work yet before it can be sanded and spackled to proper shape.

    You can see where I have installed the magnet into the firewall. This will secure the Williams Bro's dummy engine for the version of this aircraft before the NACA cowling was added. Then when I want the cowling version I'll just remove the dummy motor and install the cowling with its engine facia for that look. All because the Williams Bro's dummy motor won't fit into the cowling without cutting, hinging, cursing and swearing..
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    fuselage infill is complete. I have applied the spackle and sanded her down to a fairly smoooth condition - and added the forward landing gear struts and wheels. The next step will be to add the trailing LG struts and then the tailwheel assy. I had to fabricate and install the gear legs prior to paint because of the level of difficulty. So many intersections and variables had to be worked out in order to keep it all fair and square that there just wasn't any other way but to fabricate and install now. should be a hoot to mask and paint that Gilmore scheme now, yeah? lol

    enter..the Sandman

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    I should have an update and a few pictures to post later today..
    enter..the Sandman

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    tail wheel added - morning sunlight and from the bench

    empennage added along with the fairings and fillets

    enter..the Sandman

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    I've just laid up the wing and begun the infill work on it..wont be much to show until that work is done and I can begin to shape and sand it..

    I am also working on the motor(s) for this plane. One will be loose and can be attached magnetically to the firewall - the other will be part of the cowling. Both will need a lot of work done to make them look proper and scale.
    enter..the Sandman

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    I hope to be able to post a few update pictures this weekend. I have not been able to work on the project as much as I would like due to other requirements on my time but what there is I will share as soon as possible.
    enter..the Sandman

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    I repeated myself here,but great work my friend,I know I’m always saying this but I’m now gathering the supplies to do a 1/25th scale Mack B61 tractor with a tank trailer,but I’m doing it as a private contract water tender for fire actually going to do several,single and duel drive tractors,with a full sized (40ft) trailer using a 3D printer trailer depicting the fuel truck from the movie duel,and then 20 ft trailers.some will be “show truck” finished and at least one dirtied up,and maybe a diorama with some drafting off a small bridge,what I have in mind is a pump trailer,or a pickup with a pump for a bed,or in the bed,that the other water tenders would fill from,I’m thinking of using a 55chevy camio kit and scratch build a body.ive finally have my boat set up so I don’t have crap everywhere,so now I can mess it all up with model building stuff,lol.btw the Mack’s are all resin kits .

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    finally the wing is completely infilled - I have sanded it to shape and applied one layer of spackle..many more to follow.
    While finishing the wing and between sanding bouts I need to fabricate and install the wing to fuselage mounting struts. Also
    need to finish detailing both motors and get the cowling done and fully prepped for paint. After that it will be time to work out the painting
    processes and procedure.

    enter..the Sandman

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    A quick note to all at Sim Outhouse: I hope you are all doing well and staying safe wherever you are.
    I am grateful to all who have created, supported, contributed to, and participated in the conversations here on these forums and to those who have viewed or commented on this thread. Please take care during the situation we’re in - we’ll get to the other side of it best we can.
    enter..the Sandman

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    some progress on the Williams Bro's motor and the wing..and it's installation..

    enter..the Sandman

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    total of 20 blisters on this are half of them...the rest go on the wing
    enter..the Sandman

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    some progress to report : the detailing of the cowled motor is moving along, the fuselage and wing have been prepped for paint and then the top coat of racing white has been applied. After a few days of curing I can begin to mask off the areas to be painted red - then the decals can be applied.

    enter..the Sandman

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    you might be able to tell from the last photo that the 'Racing White' Tamiya color I use is very much a cream white.
    The model looks fantastic in this all white paint for me because of the aircraft's inherently beautiful design. I'm having some trepidation about masking and painting a deep red over this immaculate white suit.It will have to be done so carefully as any bleeding under the tape or ghosting (overspray that gets past my masking) will just be so difficult to remedy.
    The white top coat was applied yesterday so I plan to make the masks tomorrow and then apply them and paint the red accent color on either Friday or Saturday. I need time to think about how best to go about it.
    enter..the Sandman

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    So I started with the fuselage trim - the wheel pants and the tail surfaces. I decided to cut the job in half rather than try to mask everything at once AND then wrap the fuselage center I bagged the rear end all the way up to the struts - then wrapped the strut section - then masked the wheel spats. Next step will be the reverse. I'll bag the fuselage from nose to just aft of the headrest / turtledeck thinger - then mask the tail surfaces for their red trim and paint' em up. Should be able to prevent getting over spray all over that clean, white suit hopefully.

    enter..the Sandman

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    some progress has been made..
    enter..the Sandman

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    s'more progress...

    I just need to touch up a little here n there - then add the wing aircraft registration numbers.
    I'm still working on the cowling and will have the Gilmore signage to place on the sides of the fuselage...fabricate and attach the windscreen - that should do it. More updates as they happen
    enter..the Sandman

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    Another work of art your amazing
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    Thanks musterpilot - I appreciate your ongoing support for these projects.
    The Lockheed Air Express Gilmore Oil Roscoe Turner Special has been a fun build.
    I have found a whole new appreciation for this cornerstone of aviation’s Golden Age.
    Dumas Products engineers have created a wonderful kit that can be built into an excellent representation of this Lockheed icon.
    enter..the Sandman

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    aircraft is now registered..

    enter..the Sandman

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    closer to the finish line

    enter..the Sandman

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