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Thread: Inspired by A2A Piper Cherokee

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    all sanded, filled, sealed, and otherwise prepped for I just need to hire a painter

    enter..the Sandman

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    Quote Originally Posted by heywooood View Post
    Just completed - almost...I still need to add some panel lines around the cowling.
    From Guillow - built over the last week or so.

    recovered some of the lost photobucket images and I am just re-posting those. This is the Cherokee I built referenced in the title of this thread so I thought I would replace them
    enter..the Sandman

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    the C170

    here are the lost images of the Guillow Cessna 170

    enter..the Sandman

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    DHc-2 Beaver on floats

    and the DeHavilland..

    enter..the Sandman

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    so if you open this thread to page one and see the dead links (thanks FUbucket..err photobucket) these are the images that were lost...along with my favorite image of the Beaver

    enter..the Sandman

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    the wing struts are fitted but wont be glued in until after the painting is done..the canopyhas been masked and attached with CYA and white glue.

    The paint goes on tomorrow depending on the weather
    enter..the Sandman

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    initial pass with 'Italian Red'...

    the game is afoot, Watson
    enter..the Sandman

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    a nice red base color... we'll let this dry for a day then mask and paint the black accents. After that the fun begins with the pinstripe activity
    enter..the Sandman

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    this just might work out..

    enter..the Sandman

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