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Thread: Inspired by A2A Piper Cherokee

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    well I'm glad you have enjoyed the builds so far - Thank You for the encouragement Manfred !

    Speaking of the DC-3 - I have acquired the Guillow 1/32 scale balsa model recently and plan to do the Western Airlines livery - it
    was my favorite for the DC-3 you had made for FSX

    The decals were made for me by Callie Graphics and she can literally do any livery in any scale you like - Callie Graphics (
    I plan to add LED lights to it and make the gear operable.

    That build will begin when I complete the P-47
    I started this thread before the pandemic when I was involuntarily retired from my job of 35 years - Ageism is real folks..
    Then, after the scourge began I started the youtube channel and worked on these more recent kits - I think the Air Express was in mid production at that time - to stay upbeat
    and to have a daily distraction from the news.
    The most recent balsa kit - the P-47 project got stalled when I lost comes and goes and is hard at times to maintain. It has been a year since I worked on it much.
    about 2 months ago I decided to see if I could 'prime the pump' with a couple of plastic builds and since I have American Truck Sim and had always been a fan of the COE style trucks
    I bought a few of those. Then the motorcycles.
    Now I think its just about time to get back on the Jug and get 'er done.
    enter..the Sandman

    visit Heywood Planes - YouTube

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    final pics of the plastic Grumman Gulfhawk -

    not a terrific outcome for me - but I will be able to use it for reference (panel lines, compartment and inspection covers) on the balsa project later
    enter..the Sandman

    visit Heywood Planes - YouTube

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    so - R series Mack trucks..

    my grandson loves these big trucks - so what can I say but 'sure kid - here ya go'
    enter..the Sandman

    visit Heywood Planes - YouTube

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  5. #480
    fitting this one together is tricky - between the lifting fenders, the clamshell hood, and the plumbing to connect the intake and exhaust parts to the engine, frame and cab it's going to be a ride

    enter..the Sandman

    visit Heywood Planes - YouTube

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    moving along..

    these semi truck tractor projects don't often run smoothly - so many fit issues, parts quality issues, etc that getting a proper build done is almost a miracle.
    This product of MPC / Round2 is another example of that.
    I have the major components of the build complete, all that's left is to add the little final details - badges, latches, hand rails and mirrors.

    It'll likely be finished completely later today or tomorrow
    enter..the Sandman

    visit Heywood Planes - YouTube

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    the idea on this build was to recreate a MATS or Mid-Atlantic Truck Show style of restored and polished 'classic' semi tractor truck from the 'old school' - and not a working or worn out example..

    enter..the Sandman

    visit Heywood Planes - YouTube

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