No textures on my planes.
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Thread: No textures on my planes.

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    No textures on my planes.

    I have FSX Steam Edition, updated to the latest patch, but I'm having a problem. I don't know why, but out of nowhere no liveries work for the Loadestars, Harpoons, the D-18S pack, XB-15, Mike Stone's C-119, G-73, the RCS B-25J Mk II, Mike Stone's B-25J (Yes, I have 2 B-25Js)

    And for some reason, only very few parts of the livery work for the freeware B-17G (only tail markings), Alphasim B-24s (props), PB4Y-2 Tankers (props), C-82s (props and anti glare nose), C-123 (which is half invisible, partially untextured and partially textured), my L-049 (nose anti glare), L-749 (Anti glare nose), L-1049H, L-1649A (anti glare nose), Harpoon Tanker (props), B-26B (Which for some reason is now entirely green despite the livery being only about 1/3rd green, and a different shade, and a desert camo one),

    And for my Alpha PBY, only 2 liveries seem to be broken.

    Oddly, the following are fine:
    SOH A-26, W.E. Stephens' B-26B/C (Yes, I have 2 freeware B-26s), Martin Mars, PBM-3/5/5a Mariner, DC-10, Airspeed Ambassador, An 225, A.F. Scrub's B-24J (Again, I have 2 different B-24s), Halifax III, Hughes XF-11, C-5 Galaxy, Fabio Cabral's L-188,
    No stock aircraft seems to be affected.

    I have no clue what the hell is going on. Is there anything those aircraft have in common thaat I might have accidentally broken? I can take pictures of and/or upload my FSX directory, if that helps. I suspect it's something to do with shiny metals, but as I said the A-26 uses those and is fine.

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    It sounds like you have Dx10 preview set in your sim. For legacy aircrft texture to show up in Dx10 mode you need "Steve's scenery Fixer" available at The Flightsim store. You will also find his forum at Avsim and our Dx10 forum on thes boards. If on the other hand you want to use Dx9 it is a simple check box to change back.
    SYSTEM :
    OS:Win7 Home Premium 64 bit UAC OFF!
    DX version Dx10 with Steve's Fixer.
    Processor:I5 4670k overclocked to 4.4 gHz with Corsair CW-9060008-WW hydro cooler
    RAM:16 gig 1866 gigaHz Corsair ram
    Video Card:MSI 1070 8 gig ram
    HD:2Tb Samsung 850 evo SSD

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    Is that scenery fixer free? Otherwise, I'll just uncheck the box.

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    No it isn't and it is no longer for sale at the Flight Sim Store.
    For the information of anyone else, it is still for sale here.
    Go ahead and uncheck the box.

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    Roger that. This thread can now be deleted, if wanted.

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