Greetings! New member on final approach
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Thread: Greetings! New member on final approach

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    Greetings! New member on final approach

    Hello to all,

    My name is nicole. I hail from above Seattle when home. The rest of the time can find me somewhere around the world on the water, as I sail with Military Sealift Command for the Navy. With a dad who was in the US Air Force, I grew up around air bases and then went that route (USAF) myself. I have ridden in some private along with commercial and military aircraft over the years. fixed and rotor

    Only very recently got in to the FSX world courtesy of my spouse; who basically said: "Unless you win the powerball or Mega millions, the most your gon'na fly is a simulator off your desk."


    "At one Percent on the real stuff, verses the investment for computer simulations, it's still a deal. And a hell of a lot less worry for me."

    So ran right out and bought a Lottery ticket (cause ya' just never know), a CH Flight Sim Yoke, FSX gold and Mega scenery WA. Then I started looking for a group I could learn a few additional things from and maybe help out in some small fashion.

    I'm no graphic developer. But I can do research on things. Over the last 2 months, I believe I have been able to make my bones with the group doing some digging for Mr. Shupe on the A 20 havoc project.

    That was a couple of months ago. I'm still learning the ins and outs with the stock FSX aircraft. But Soon, when I'm done for the day while we sail to another resupply point, I look forward to crank'in and bank'in in some of the beautiful work I've seen here.

    See ya' round and hoping it's only your tires that hit the ground.


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    Welcome to SOH, Nicole!

    I'm sure that if you ever have a question, someone here can answer it for you. As you've seen, we're a friendly lot.

    Thanks for your Service, and elicit forth some sea stories sometime!


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    Not sure how I missed this post Nicole; my apologies.

    Yes, indeed, you did some nice A-20 research and the interior pictures are awesome.

    Thank you so much.

    Welcome to the SOH.
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    Welcome Nicole. Always nice to see someone of the female variety here. Helps to keep the rest of us reprobates in line.


    "Some people might say that freedom is being alone in the bush with the only sounds being the murmurs from the birds ... but I believe freedom is at 5000 feet with no other sound than the engine roaring."- William Hutchison, a young man taken from us far too young (16).

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    Welcome Nicole. Thanks for your service to our country. As Pat said, good to see anothe gal here. Sometimes I fell like I'm drowning in testosterone.

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