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Description: I decided to attempt to enhance this default FSX airport because I wanted a "home" for John Young's excellent AI Black Hawk helicopter.

It should be a good companion Army Air Field for Cairns. With the exception of the default static Black Hawk objects, the rest of the objects were made by me using SketchUp. There is no AI traffic file included.

As usual this is "freeware" so use and/or modify it anyway you want to. Should you decide to upload your project, please LIMIT UPLOADING IT TO HERE AT THE OUTHOUSE.

I provide NO POST RELEASE SUPPORT for my projects; therefore, should it not work like you would like or you simply just don't like it, PLEASE JUST DELETE IT FROM YOUR HARD DRIVE.


To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit Lowe AHp Black Hawk Air Field, Alabama.zip
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