Another Return - After Long Time
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Thread: Another Return - After Long Time

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    Another Return - After Long Time

    Hello gang.

    This is about my third registration in 16 years. Started out with the TrogFighters/CFS1 then on to CFS2 and IL-2 series. Real life had me leaving and returning to forums over the years.

    Ickie, Willy and Mike Wagner would remember me. Is Mike Wagner still around? So many of the old Corps have disappeared over the years. My old handle was Highlander.

    I don't feel so old now at 70. Catching the ages of members here!

    Regards all!

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    Welcome Cole,

    Well CFS1 and CFS2 are still alive and running: After searching here for your old favorites: see here:

    If you are into Vietnam for CFS2: please see here:

    No matter what you fly, welcome to the community again sir,

    "Laissez les bon temps rouler"

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