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    Icon18 Airplanes and Movies and more

    Many here have had some interest in movies or TV shows that feature or contain glimpses of airplanes. For some time there has been a basic resource (IMDb - the Internet Movie Database) that sometimes contains a bit of info about the use of aircraft.

    Now someone has created an Open Source site that focuses purely on aircraft in the media:

    The Internet Movie Plane Database (IMPDb) which can be found here:

    There is a list by type and there might be a few that surprise you - either the type or what it appeared in...

    Check out the "Unidentified" page. A lot are hard to see or identify but you might recognize a couple. There is the ability to contribute so go for it.

    Have fun!

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    It looks like it's missing some info, for instance 50 Shades of Grey has a Eurocopter EC130 (although in the books it's an EC135) and a Flugzeugbau DG-1001.

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    that site has been around for several should have the .org thingy,if you click on that on the upper right it takes you there...same site,but its a homepage if you will,plus it has a sister site for cars,which i read often.i see a car i dont know on a movie,and i go there and look it up.very usefull.

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    Interesting sight; Thanks for posting.

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    It looks like the missed the best B-52 movie if them all, "A Gathering of Eagles". The best movie of what life was in SAC in the 69's. Wish it was available on DVD.

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    The database also missed a great movie with Glenn Ford and Suzanne Pleshette called, "Fate Is The Hunter".

    Because the plot of the movie involves a aircraft crash, no aircraft manufacturer would allow their aircraft to be used in the making of the movie. So several parts from different aircraft were used to make a composite plane. The following article is quite interesting:

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    There's also one for helicopters
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