Mike Stone's (Forgotten) B-25
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Thread: Mike Stone's (Forgotten) B-25

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    Mike Stone's (Forgotten) B-25

    Just thought someone should make a thread on this amazing aircraft by Mike Stone. 3D model seems better than both MAAM-Sim's and RCS Panels', with only a couple of issues (Such as a longer nose with an extra window section), but overall very nice. Bomb bay doors do open and engine start-up is simple yet realistic. Missing a step will leave the engine unwilling to start. No checklist is provided, but you can easily figure everything out (Speaking of which, can anyone figure out the key to drop the bombs?). VC is not available, and 2d panel itself isn't that good (Maybe someone could make a replacement?). Pictures:

    Livery above was the Garry J. Smith's improved version of the default. Also included is the default and 3 others.

    You can find it here:

    P.S. If you're wondering why this is in the FSX section, I didn't notice it was for FS2004. Only issue in FSX is the dark glass, which disappears when in front of clouds.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2015-08-19_00020_zpsq0lozlos.jpg   2015-08-19_00026_zps9sqcxk6n.jpg   2015-08-19_00021_zpslw68ohch.jpg   2015-08-19_00013_zpsvnxress0.jpg   2015-08-19_00016_zps5yoqlbsq.jpg   2015-08-19_00011_zpspxyzpz10.jpg  

    2015-08-19_00027_zpszuuqxqwm.jpg   2015-08-09_00009_zpsppl1wtrv.jpg   2015-08-09_00007_zpsigkrvebg.jpg   2015-08-09_00006_zpswbzqdhbr.jpg   2015-08-09_00003_zpsjyywcfjt.jpg  

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    Unfortunately all of Mike's planes just had the 2d panels. As for the button to drop the bombs, I think that can be set up with a light switch or figuring out how to drop them in missions. It's been a while since I flew it, but the plane is a great aircraft. Mike decided to quit making planes after too many people were rivet counters and complained about supposed inaccuracies. I still think his planes were great, even with the 2d panels. At the time I flew them, that's all I used. Now I've gotten used to using the 3d panels.

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