Missing Duenna folder.
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Thread: Missing Duenna folder.

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    Missing Duenna folder.

    I've reinstalled the Duenna V2.0.046 R141. I ran it and completed a circuit without crashing (that's novel!) and the little map and the text file popped up. Now if I recall correctly there was a folder which contained all these items. I don't have one in the Duenna folder. What did I do wrong?

    I know! I uninstalled it in the first place!

    EDIT: It's OK. I should have installed the old versions first.

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    That version of duenna creates a folder called "FS-DUENNA" in you documents folder, unlike the previous versions, which output to the dunenna installation folder.
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    So it does! I'll start again.

    EDIT: That's better, all nice and tidy.

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    Yes, because so many were having issues with the location the previous duenna saved files, I programmed the update to save it in your documents folder, seemed like a good idea.

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