An introduction to me.
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Thread: An introduction to me.

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    An introduction to me.

    Sorry if I haven't introduced myself since I became a member... I would like to do just that.

    Hello everyone.

    Most of you know me as BoeingvsAirbusNKL, my real name is Nicholas Klee Lang.

    I am an aviation enthusiast extroadinaire and a flight simmer since my father acquired cfs1.

    I am also a hobbyist in four different hobbies, one hobby I documented in a thread about my adventures in model rocketry.

    My simulators I have is cfs1, cfs2, CFS3, fs9 and fsx... so I am as active since I was introduced to the program.

    And for those who wonder what I would be preferred to be called by, you could use either Nicholas or Nick.

    Thanks go out to ickie for a wonderful flight simulator community that I am a proud member of... and I hope Sim Outhouse lives on for years to come.

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    Welcome aboard Nicholas.

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