This thing never got beyond a beta model for FS9, but the Gmax source files were made available by its creator Vit Storch. The only licensing restriction is that the resulting model has to remain freeware (and crediting DBD for the original work), which is more than a fair deal to me.

I haven't started converting the VC yet, but the exterior is just about done (save for one or two material tweaks maybe).

One enhancement made by me is that you can now choose between a civilian and military backseater or go solo. The texture mapping has been left untouched, so save for using a FSX-compliant glass texture, you can use any exisiting repaints for this model.

Provided you're knowing what you're doing, you can, for now, merge the VC from Hadi Tahir's L-39ZA (from with the converted exterior model.

I'd upload work-in-progress versions from time to time under the condition that no one asks any all too basic questions about it.

Any interest in this or is everyone only flying the payware L-39 anyway?