Fresh Install - New SDD Drives Question
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Thread: Fresh Install - New SDD Drives Question

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    Fresh Install - New SDD Drives Question

    Ok. So after years of abuse and neglect to my old system it was time for an upgrade.

    My question is this.

    I have a new SDD (120 gig) that will have the OS on it and my personal software

    My second SSD (250 gigs) will have FSX only on it . Its not a hugh install. Just have GEX and UTX and FEX and Ultimate Traffic and maybe a Mesh or two. I forget just what I have actually.

    So.. Would it even be worth using my old WD Raptor 300 gig (still runs great) to use as texture storage and such that FSX allows off the main folder?

    Thanks in advance

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    The only real advantage to be gained by installing FSX to an SSD
    is a reduction in loading times.
    If you install some of it to your HDD, then this advantage will be
    largely lost, as the files you put on there will only load at HDD speed.


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    Thanks. I just remember like Gex made big texture files, maybe backup ones that you could store on another drive.

    I do fully intend to install all I can on my 250 gig ssd though.

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