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    Posting to other Forums?

    Was the RTWR Practice Run posted anywhere other than here? Had I not been talking to Rob last evening on TS I wouldn't have known things here had even kicked off. As I told him. . .I never come into this forum simply because it's never active except for the period of the race. I suggest that it's the same with others who spend 90% of their time in the FSX/FS9 Forums. If it was posted in there and I missed it somehow, which is doubtful as I'm in there almost 24/7, then it's my fault for not paying attention. . .otherwise maybe recruitment numbers would be higher if folks other than those who watch this forum were aware of the RTWR.
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    I didn't post it in the other forums, so no, you didn't miss it there. Over the past couple years efforts to recruit pilots by posting in the other forums has resulted in somewhere around zero new pilots, so this year I didn't even bother. My attitude towards recruitment is that if somebody is interested in joining the team, they will find us, and be warmly welcomed, but I'm done begging for new pilots as it seems to be a hopeless task. Besides, we still don't know if there will even be a race this year. Usually by now there has been some announcement from the race committee. I'm assuming the silence indicates a leaning toward no race. On the other hand, maybe they're seeing how much interest there is at the three sites, which means we're engaged in a game of "chicken or egg?"
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    No chicken, no egg

    We are pushing ahead with plans to announce the race and cobble together Rules. We are behind the normal schedule for a variety of reasons but sometimes life tosses us lemons. Undoubtedly, a formal race announcement will be made available in all the appropriate forums.

    Regarding the ability or desire of members to venture outside their forum of choice, we have cross-posted many events and get little response to any - not even viewing by the curious. Pick your own reasons why this might be the case.

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