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Thread: Alt. SOH Donation Methods

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    Alt. SOH Donation Methods

    ** UPDATED 08/26/2018 ***

    Alt. SOH Donation Methods:
    Send Cash, Money Orders or USA Checks to:
    Please, add your user name, (drives me crazy'er)

    Note for this year please send Dangerousdave26 a PM to receive the alternate donation location.
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    nothing has changed
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    Make Checks Out To?

    Hello Ickie,

    Who do we make checks out to? SOH or Ron?



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    see initial post

    Make checks out to Ron Larson
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    The snail mail address has been changed in the first post.

    Thanks to all the members who take the time to donate.

    To all of the members who financially can't donate "don't worry we have all been there". Contribute in an alternate manner that adds value to the website and that is just as important.

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    Will be sending in a check donation for SOH to new address above. RIP Ickie, thank you for making and keeping this site what it is.

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    Just mailed mine today. Thanks, Dave!
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    Bump but see the first post for details

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