Posting Threads with Special Characters in the Title Line
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Thread: Posting Threads with Special Characters in the Title Line

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    Posting Threads with Special Characters in the Title Line

    I am going to ask that all members stop posting threads with special characters in the title line.

    IE11 can't seem to handle it. It gives the member a web page that states to contact the administrator that the post can not be found.

    Here are a couple of examples.!

    Chrome also has an issue with them but it seems to be intermittent.

    I have heard reports that FireFox also has issues but I have never seen it myself.

    For Chrome and FireFox its probably only the newer versions that are having the issue.

    This is happening quite often and becoming a challenge to fix every time someone posts a thread with special characters.

    If you want members to read your posts please format the title line accordingly.

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    As an update

    IE11 Chrome and FF all have issues with Special Characters.

    There also seems to be s number of characters in the title line that causes the browser to freak out.

    A link that is x long may puke in IE but work in FF.

    Another link that has the same special characters but more total characters pukes in IE 11 and FF 34.x.

    I still say stop using any special characters but I can definitely say

    The browser does not like

    ( ) ! -

    Those characters seem to be a major problem with browsers and this version of vBulletin.

    I am sure the list of characters will grow

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