Also taking a slight plunge to FSX
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Thread: Also taking a slight plunge to FSX

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    Also taking a slight plunge to FSX

    Hey guys,

    I'm getting ready to install FSX on my gaming laptop. It's an ASUS with an Intel core Duo P7450, 2.13 GHZ w/ 4 GB ram. It has a Nvidia Geforce 9800M GS video DX11 adapter and Windows 7 Home Premium installed. I have a 1 TB hard drive installed.

    I'm looking to do a basic install to fly some of the planes not available for FS9 like Manfred Jahn's C-117 and the Basler and a few payware Virtavia planes. I'm not into intensive scenery so much. I think my system will handle it and I'm looking for advice on the install. I am keeping my FS9 install intact (C:/Program Files x86/Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator 9).

    What's the best way to have both sims on the same computer?


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    I don't think a 2.1 gig machine will run it very well. It shows minimum of 2.0, but MS lies. It may run, but you'll probably have everything (sliders) pretty much closed, and it may damage your machine from overheating. I run a 2.8 desktop, and it is weak on FSX. FS9 should run great on it. FSX put a BIG load on a computer. That little laptop will not do it.


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    Mmmm, May just work. I hope your Windows 7 is 64bit!. Just having FSX is worth it for the DC-3's out there.
    Also, as a side thought, Why not look at installing "Golden Wings"? It's a second version of FS9, regressed to the 1930's.
    The will be no clashes if FSX is installed! They are totally different programs.

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    Dave, running an ASUS gaming laptop with a 2.0ghz i7 and 8g's of RAM, nVidia GTX460M 1GB, with the Veneturbo FSX.cfg changes and various other mods it runs FSX with most of the sliders near full right, but not maxed. My heavy hitter is probably the VRS Super Bug and tons of military/civie AI, I don't fly around the big cities much.
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    Thanks to all! I gonna load it and make the config changes suggested and see what happens. It is a 64 bit system.

    I really, really, really want to fly MJ's C-117 and the Virtavia P5M and RB-45C. LOL!


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    Dave, With some mods FSX will run on your laptop, as long as you stay away from busy airports.

    Just make sure NOT to install FSX in the default location, but create a separate folder for it, like (C:\Flight Simulator X). It will prevent all kinds of issues later on.
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