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Thread: In Memoriam: Paul Clawson (PutPut)

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    It is indeed sad when a beloved member of our community passes away. Although I never communicated with him on the forums, his advice to others and the many contributions to the hobby have helped me many times. Rest in peace.
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    I am saddened to hear of Paul's passing. It was easy to see just how much this hobby meant to him. Our own flightsim experiences were made better through his presence and the many contributions he made to the community. He will be missed. Condolences go out to his friends and family.

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    Thanks for all the planes Paul, Rest in Peace
    Tom Constantine
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    Rest in peace, Paul. I was always amazed at how fast you could make your planes. Great models. I loved that flying wing. That thing was brilliant.

    May the Lord bless you with awesome peace and rest up there. You will be missed.
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    Paul... one of the corner stones of this amazing hobby of ours. His legacy lives on with every one of us.
    Happy Landings, wherever you are.

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    Thank you for being a positive part of this community, Rest in Peace

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    I did not realize this before now but Paul did an interview over at earlier this year. This is yet another treasure he left us all....


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    I'm so sorry to see this... Paul was a beloved member of our world here, and he will be sorely missed. my prayers are with his family at this time.
    His contributions will live on bringing joy to people in flight sim for a long time to come.

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    Rest in Peace, Paul. He certainly was a prolific and generous contributor to the FS community.

    My condolences to his family. Losing a loved one is never easy; even less so during the holidays.

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    My sincere condolences, Paul has been a member of the Flight Sim community since forever, I probably have everything he has done somewhere. His presence will most certainly be missed.

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    I always enjoyed reading his posts and seeing the models he was working on. He will be of the good guys! RIP

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    It's a horrible feeling to open SOH and see a thread such as this.

    I always looked forward to seeing what Paul's latest creation would be. He's interest in modelling vintage aircraft was exactly the era that captivates me. It'll make flying his creations all the more special.

    Thanks Paul. You made this sim a real joy for me.
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    What a bummer

    Paul was always a gentleman and very helpful. I asked him for his sources to port some of his planes to the Thirdwire games and he always was gracious to provide them and never refused my requests.

    Truly a loss to the flight sim community.

    My condolences to his family, I just wish that some of messages posted could be read by his family to see how much he was admired and appreciated and that his loss is going to be greatly missed.

    May your last flight take you higher and higher into the stars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by capun View Post
    I just wish that some of messages posted could be read by his family to see how much he was admired and appreciated and that his loss is going to be greatly missed.
    I have informed Paul's wife Jenny of this thread; I hope it will help her (and other family) in dealing with this terrible loss; to read how much Paul, and his contribution to this hobby, was/is appreciated by some many people ....


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    Quote Originally Posted by StormILM View Post
    I did not realize this before now but Paul did an interview over at earlier this year. This is yet another treasure he left us all....
    Same here, just reading it now, thanks for the tip. A sad loss. He added immensely to our hobby.
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    A Great is gone.....

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    We all lose a generous person. My condolences

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    This is very sad news..
    Just in March of this year i worked with him on doing some stuff in his Skyshark, i had to check my inbox here just to be sure it´s the same person..sadly..he is..
    Rest in Peace Paul...


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    thanks for all your gifts you gave to us.
    Rest in peace...


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    Again,i didnt "know" him,yet we did talk a couple times through PMs,he was allways helpfull and nice.when i see this thread on the sticky,it makes me pause and just think about his planes and everything else he contributed to this also brings a small tear to my left eye,as if im passing a memorial each time..lets all keep Pauls memory in our hearts.

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    My condolences to his family. His work was fantastic.


    Volker Böhme

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    Rest in peace Paul.


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    I've been offline with the holidays and just saw this.

    Rest in peace, Paul. Thank you for the great conversations, the always friendly and helpful posts, and the awesome and often (wonderfully) obscure planes. Your talent and your presence will be greatly missed.

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    I just saw this. I wish to add my condolences to all of the flight sim community. We have lost a friend. I especially wish to offer my condolences to his family.

    RIP Paul

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