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    Default mesh?

    After almost eight years flying in FS9, I finally made the move to FSX. I'm looking at setting up basic stuff for a while until I figure out what I want to do. The landscape looks much improved so there's not so much a need for UT. And there's built in mesh. I have been searching online for some sort of list. Some places have 38m, some have 76m and the rest have 30m. At least that's what I've come up with so far. Does anybody have a link to a comprehensive list? I'm surprised that after all this time it's so hard to find.

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    I don't have a direct link but I recall a lot of freeware mesh at Simviation.

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    Not mesh but there some nice items here for free
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    Dang, I was just looking at that pw stuff the other day. Very nice.

    I don't need any more mesh. I want to find out what is already there so I don't duplicate it.

    Also, I've been reading the mesh layering is different from FS9. That the highest priority is on top of the scenery list, not on the bottom. And that each LOD needs to be in a separate folder. Is this all true?

    And one more, what is the best tree program for FSX?

    It's really different enough that it's giving me a headache. Any help is appreciated.

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    The default mesh is about the same as FS9. Low quality 100m +.

    You can get a 76m mesh at simviation that covers the world.

    Search for mesh in the FSX section and you will find a bunch of freeware meshs to give you 32m to 5m in different places.

    Just like FS9 as you increase the realism of the sim you notice more errors that Microsoft has in the world. Mostly in airport elevations.

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    The mesh resolution for default FSX:

    USA 38m
    Europe, Mexico, Canada, 76m

    After that it gets unclear. According to one source I found: "Rest of world can be low as of 306m", yet FSGenesis says "the default for the rest of the world is LOD6 (612m).
    Mike Mann

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