Curtiss Jenny Liveries for FSX and FS2004
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Thread: Curtiss Jenny Liveries for FSX and FS2004

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    Icon26 Curtiss Jenny Liveries for FSX and FS2004

    Hi Good People,

    For those that may not have noticed recently, the Ford Tri-Motor Project Team have been pumping out a bucket of liveries for the Default Microsoft Curtiss Jenny JN4D aircraft.

    This is a great "low and slow" historical aircraft however, she was lacking somewhat in her texture mappings - typical of the Microsoft default girls. Lots of mirror mapping and some duplication mapping for various components.

    This unfortunately, like the other default aircraft, restricted the scope in creating some Fact, Fiction and Fun liveries.

    However, the Ford Project Team has push some boundaries - experimented and pumped out lots of stuff for these almost forgotten or bypassed girls and the latest is one of the most important aircraft in aviation history - the widely used, for both military and civilian service, Curtiss Jenny.

    I recommend to you the following slideshow created to show the results of the Ford Project Team's efforts to "Keep History Alive" and bring more flying fun to your simming environment - both in FS2004 and FSX

    This slideshow is an InAlbum self running slideshow - totally safe to run and view - simply click on the link above and enjoy a few minutes sitting back and watch the colours and history of this great little aircraft - with some great era specific music to enjoy as well.

    Where can you get these liveries:

    Direct link:

    While your there - feel free to check out our other aircraft, scenery and the ever popular FREE Jigsaw Puzzles.

    The Ford Project site is, I believe, the largest repository on the net focussed on 1930's era aircraft and scenery and everything there is absolutely FREE - more than 3 years of hard work created 1930's stuff for your enjoyment.


    Your Ford Project Team
    Edward Moore and
    Garry Smith
    Garry J. Smith - Graphic Tinkerer

    Project Site - --- Mike Stones Aircraft -
    Home Site - -------------Milton Shupe and Team Aircraft -

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    wow well done GJsmith...sorry for delay in reply but i ive been busy...

    funny thing i havent even been into finding curtiss jenny repaints but now im liking it...well done!!

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    Indeed I have been a great admirer of your team's work for a long time. The Jenny is a plane I love well and it now has finally come into it's own - 12 years after ACOF was released! We had to wait that long for the Jenny to achieve it's potential!
    I especially love the various military paints!

    Thank you agin!

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    Do you need more than Seventy?


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