With Paul's blessing (and a sigh of relief, I suspect!), I've taken over his excellent "How-to" Guide.

The LATEST "How-to" Guide (v1.08a 10 December 2014)
DX10 Fixer "How-to" Guide: Related files

NOTE: This is very much an "on-going" guide, so keep checking this page for updates.

The old/official Steve's DX10 Fixer 2.3 Manual
(the new/current 2.6 manual is only available with the Fixer on purchase)

v1.08a : 10 Dec 2014 : Added REX Textures section and amended Bufferpools section (yet again!).
v1.07b : 18 Nov 2014 : Amended images for NVI
v1.07 : 10 Nov 2014 : Added section on DSR.
v1.06 : 10 Sep 2014 : Added copyright.
v1.06 : 11 Jul 2014 : Added small entries for FSPS Fiber Accelerator and FSWC Lite.
v1.05 : Revised the Bufferpools section (again!).
v1.04 : Revised the Bufferpools section.
v1.03 : Minor corrections/typos.
v1.02 : Minor corrections/typos.
v1.01 : Added Multiple monitors section.

IMPORTANT! Please try to avoid re-hosting or re-distributing this guide, or we'll end up with out of date versions doing the rounds. The latest version will always be on the NZFSim site. Basically, if you didn't get it from there - you may have an old version. Check the date in the footer.

I'll keep this thread as a simple "sticky". For all feedback, please use this thread: The DX10 "How-to" Guide - comments.