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    Triple Monitor setup


    I would like to ask if someone has experiences in triple monitor setups?
    My config is in my signature + another nvidia 8500gt and 1 Samsung monitor with 1680x1050 pixel in landscape mode and 2 Fujitsu Siemens Monitors with 1024x768 pixel in portrait mode.
    Other games like Battlefield 4 and Thief 4 work, you only have to start them in window mode and then drag the window over the 3 monitors.
    I read from a program named softTH which should get FSX to work on my 3 monitors but the click spots in combination of freetrack seem to be a big problem. Anyone with knowledge of that?

    Regards Sepp

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    Hello together, after a bunch hours of research the best solution for me is simply to use Nvidia Surround. In that configuration my screen in the middle(1680x1050;20"inch) runs at a custom resolution 1280x1024, because the other 2 screens(17"inch) at the left and right are 1280x1024 and all 3 must have the same resolution. Ingame the non nativ resolution does not bother me. In windows i change back from surround to expanded desktop - there does exist an fast toggle scrip for autohotkey but after the first use for me it doesn't work anymore. Anyway you can find information + download here: To get this to work you also need autohotkey, here:
    Nvidia Surround you have to set up at the Nvidia driver.

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