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    NEUWUC - Naval Engagement!, Underway!, Underway_Captain! and Captain! are all free as in free beer. All files are hosted over at . I will use this thread to post updates to all four programs.

    U/W version #105 dll is now available. It fixes a minor bug whereby some platforms were not appearing after implementing the "standard" numbering of all platforms.

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    The NE! server may go down anytime tonight (16 JUN 2014 or in the next day or so) as the hosting service ( is migrating us to a redundent server. This is good.

    I will issue (probably tomorrow) a new U/W dll and new UC! and Captain! exes.

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    The NE! server has been moved and is now back up and running 24/7.
    On the MFC site ( is the link to the new Underway! dll. This is a mandatory download as previous versions will not be able to connect to the (non-existant) server. Look for underway_fsx_107.7z in the downloads sticky.

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    Underway #108 is now available on the MFC site. Fixes chocks (on moving ships) and a bug in the TACAN gauge.

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    #109 is available

    Fixes a minor math error in the chocks.
    Updates platform roll/pitch rates to be consistent with the new platform ids.

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    #110 available for U/W. More fixes for the chocks. Turns out the the complex formula used for steering platforms long distances doesn't work so well for short ranges (ie 200-400 feet), causing, on the Deltasim DDGs, a differential of 6 degrees, which although small, puts a helo which landed centerline over the port netting on the flight deck. Tested east and west. Not sure if it'll work or need to be tweaked for north/south...
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