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    Okay, I have been through 1 new build since MS Flight was released and I decided to today that I would install the GAME again just to play around with it.. When it came out I purchased several of the planes and when Alaska came out I also bought that...I was able to retrieve the planes but I can find no reference to the Alaska Experience anywhere, its not on Steam anymore or the Windows Live Market Place, I bought mine through WLM.. Anyone else have this problem? I am thinking that I am just going to hit the uninstall button but I thought there might be someone out there that knows..

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    As far as I know Flight and its addons are no longer available for sale as MS shut down the Windows Live Marketplace last year. You should (!) be able to access anything you previously bought be downloading and running the Games for Windows Marketplace client -

    Good Luck!
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    Thanks for the link to the download client, apparently you can't download via in game anymore.. Got and will give it a shot, but I am probably going to take it off anyways..
    Intel I7 8700 16gb DDR4 RAM GTX 1060 3GB with Windows 10

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