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Thread: [Ask] How to change Me163_599 / Me163B cockpit?

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    Well, really it's no worse than landing your average modern sailplane...other than that the downward visibility is terrible, you land at over 100 mph and you are surrounded by rather fragile ceramic fuel tanks containing residual fuel that will burn you alive and turn you to jelly if it so much as touches anything organic...nothing to it!

    it's amazing there weren't more accidents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gecko View Post
    One aspect I've been working on is adding compatibility with some of the new features of Ankor's shaders. Here's a shot of the new self-lit cockpit gauges and lights:

    I know this is bit old post therefore not latest Ankors shaders, but you are talking about self-lit feature there. that means no "L" must be activated, right? your image doesnt present the default night VC red light effect and I think the Majors lighting gauge effect packages which solves this came much more later...

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