Disposition Reached in Malaysian Airlines Jet Liner
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Thread: Disposition Reached in Malaysian Airlines Jet Liner

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    Icon9 Disposition Reached in Malaysian Airlines Jet Liner

    Not sure if this is the right forum... but thought everyone might want to know...


    "El gato que camina como hombre" -- The cat that walks like a man

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    i fail to see how anyone is surprised about it, it was pretty obvious that it crashed into the sea ....
    yes i know i cant spell half the time! Thank you kindly to those few who pointed that out

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    The way this tragedy has been handled by Governments, Airlines and Media can only be described as a total fiasco and wholly disrespectful of victims and their families.
    One or two within our FS community (though none here as far as I am aware) should hang their heads in shame too with their You Tube postings.

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