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    Brief Explanation of Great Add-Ons

    FEX....(clouds...Water Textures...) Textures only..No Engine included
    - Large selection of realistic themes for water, sky and clouds
    - Surrealistic themes to create amazing screen shots
    - Instant community access to a free library of other users themes
    - Individual themes for weather conditions such as storms and pollution
    Active Sky X is a comprehensive weather engine for Flight Simulator X. It provides the “real-time configuration” of the weather environment including cloud layers, visibility, turbulence, wind, and other parameters. It also provides real-time weather effects such as wake turbulence. In addition, robust weather-based flight planning information and screens are provided. Visual weather mapping, depiction control, in-flight weather radar display and dozens of other features finish the package. This is all built around a real-time weather system using a proprietary server weather capture, synthesis and delivery system allowing real-time weather around the globe at high resolution, based on current “latest” weather or past weather, or even user-configured weather.
    X Graphics...
    Welcome to X Graphics... a comprehensive feature-rich environment add-on specifically designed for Microsoft's Flight Simulator version X. X Graphics encompasses ground breaking technology along with the finest in graphics manipulation to enhance your flightsim experience. A vast assortment of content forms the basis, complete with sky environment enhancements, cloud enhancements, airport environment enhancements, sound enhancements, highways, roads & railroad enhancements, lighting enhancements and water environment enhancements
    – Full-featured NEW built-in Weather Engine (Built on Real Life meteorological algorithms using synoptic, meso-scale, and micro environment weather formulas for Real and Custom weather)
    – Flight Planner (Ability to create and file a Flight Plan using true to life flight requirements)
    – Hi-definition, ultra-realistic photo-real 3D clouds (stratus, wispy, cumulus and highly realistic rendering of cirrus clouds as seen in the real world)
    – Sky color environments (Includes smoothing horizon transition & visibility smoothing for dawn, day, dusk & night)
    – Convincingly real water environments with tropical reef simulation (end user color controllable, including tropical with reef simulations, inland and ocean, wave turbulence/frequency, environment variants & coloring. Also new realistic type of wave and reflection included in many variations for shader 1x and shader 2x INCLUDING DX10 Compatible)
    – Airport environments (photo-real asphalt & concrete runway textures, new runway and ground bump-mapping, asphalt taxiways, concrete taxiways, realistic taxiway markings, airport signage, airport parking and general photorealistic airport ground scenery)
    – Multiple variations of sun, lens flare & brand NEW lightning bolt algorithms, which creates a visually stunning array of lightning situations
    – Fully integrated to select Sky, Cloud, Water, Airport, and Effect Themes based upon weather situation, season, and other synoptic, meso-scale, and micro weather conditions
    – Enhanced Cloud Simulation to give a more 3D volumetric feel to cloud structures and the atmosphere
    – Lighting environments (runway lighting including simulated ground glow, stunningly realistic aircraft spotlights with variations for small to large aircraft, aircraft strobe lights, variations for add-on aircraft as well)
    – 3d cloud & water resolution options for performance preference
    – Flexibility to work in tandem with other vendor weather & texture packages

    Now then...FEX and AS Graphice are both just textures.They have no engine to drive them..To do that you can just use FSX online real world weather,or ASX as its just the engine......

    REX is a complete texture set and Weather Engine......

    FS Water Configuator...A nice freeware to change tint, the sunshine / moonshine levels, the reflection levels, the surface wave effects etc...
    Tip from Heywoood.......

    UTX does things like add all roads , railroads , correct water placement ( rivers ,streams,ponds) nightlighting , etc
    Highways..Roads..Streets Shorelines..Coastlines..Rivers..Streams Landclass Waterclass

    GEX is Ground..
    Enhanced textures to assist in rendering clearer visuals.
    Highly detailed crisp and clear arial views.
    Enhancements to produce simulated 3D depth in texture foliage.
    New winter textures which display vegitation within the snow.
    Better season blend so seasons such as fall fade into winter and blend natually.
    Enhanced color processing which upgrades all seasons.
    Enriched desert and flatland details, no more bland yellow deserts or flatlands.
    Structured texture layout to assist in covering all major landclass products.
    Special features for Ultimate Terrain X USA and Canada Customers.
    Completely redesigned night lighting environment.

    Mesh (like FSGenesis) builds the terrain details , as in elevations for mountaing towns ,and such..Its what all FSX is built on...It makes the sim not so flat and displays mountains in beautiful detail

    MyTraffic X add much more traffic and types into the air with more current flight plans and adds traffic where FSX has none... Plus has the abality to control your traffic density better,,,,

    OK Now you know..But what to buy you ask..

    IMO these are a must have...In order

    Mesh...(I like FSGenesis)
    REX or ASX
    MyTraffic X

    To me that is the order of all thing that make FSX wonderful :amen:

    These Products can be found at PC Acvaitor and Flight1 ..And other places too!


    REX is Here....

    Flight1 .....

    FS Water Configurator........

    Keep in mind that many of the Ground Enhancing Add-Ons are avaible for the USA..Canada...Europe,,,ETC...So have a good look around each site..

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    Great idea, was thinking something like this might be helpful. AsX itX itX standsX, itX canX beX quiteX confusingX.

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    Err, ASX (Active Sky X) is just a weather engine, right? Not textures there.

    And GEX (Ground Environment X) doesn't have landclass (placement of ground textures, for example: placing cities where there are cities, parks where there are parks, etc...), it just has new/better ground textures.

    Thanks...You are correct and I have noted changes.....Harleyman.....

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    Correct...ASx is the weather engine..You then need their ASGraphics (clouds) or REX or simiular ...

    GEX ie replacement textures....

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    nicely done H

    add FS Water Configurator (freeware)

    allows the user to change the tint, the sunshine / moonshine levels, the reflection levels, the surface wave effects etc... Thank you Heywoood..Its been added
    enter..the Sandman

    visit Heywood Planes - YouTube

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    Well done Mason. As you discover new "stuff" please keep it updated. This is the answer to, "What is..."
    "If it ain't broke, fix it until it is"

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    I believe FEX intends to add a weather engine eventually...I've been waiting a long time though.

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    You are correct flork..I bought FEX over a year agao,and there were almost promises of one back then..But its not here yet..... Notice I said Almost...As they said one was comming,then sorta renigged on that statement....

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